Horomsi:President Jammeh tells a family member that he will die “violently.” Ndure Cham spotted in Gambia!
Gambia’s President Yahya Jammeh had a history of mental deficiencies dating back his tender age, family sources unveiled. Born and raised in Southern Provence of Casamance, the Gambian leader spent his childhood days smoking wheat and drinking licko. Due to his stubborn attitude, his father the late James Aziz Jukung Jammeh had to send him to Casamance to be disciplined for a year or so before he finally resettled in the Gambia, a land he acquired citizenship through false pretense family sources claimed. Wonders never cease. Jammeh who grew up to be a wild, chicky and mentally unstable child could not not be controlled by his loved ones at the age of 18. This to some extent contributed to his late education. Jammeh went to school as an adult and was never a respecter of school rules and regulations. His first attempt for the Common Entrance Examination was a failure.Thanks to the family of Abdoulie Kujabi, former Gambia’s Intelligence Chief, Jammeh was enrolled at Buwiam Secondary School. While in Buwiam, Jammeh was fed and taken care off by the Kujabi family. He spent his time at Buwiam fighting in school, smoking wheat and drinking. School authorities say Jammeh was an average student who dislikes studying. While at Buwiam, he made a second attempt to sit the Common Entrance, where he was lucky to make a fair pass, which took him to the Gambia High School. Yahya Jammeh was a loser during his tender age. In this master piece, Horomsi will explain how Jammeh was handed over to the later Pa Alphounse Tamba of Latri-Kunda German. The Gambia is being ruled by a lunatic cum President. Once a mad man, always a mad man. Yahya Jammeh’s aids cure discovery is just the tip of the iceberg. Unless he is handcuffed and taken to a metal home for evaluation, Jammeh is posed to set the Gambia on fire. The likes of Lang Tombong Tamba, Peter Singhateh, Masaneh Kinteh, Gano and others are being closely watched by Jammeh’s secret service. Jammeh is at this hour contemplating creating another confusion in the country. Jammeh told a close relative that he is going to die violently but before his life is taken he is going to set drastic example. All these killings, abductions, detention without trial and torture are calculated to avenge what his marabout told him about his inevitable fall. Jammeh knew that he is going, but is at lost as to who is going to replace him. What worries me most is Jammeh’s revelation that he is going to die violently. This to some extent had trumatised  a mentally challenged President as John Aycoth calls it in his recent piece to the Freedom Newspaper.

President Jammeh dying violently means a loss for the Gambia. We as patriotic sons and daughters of this country are more concerned about Jammeh leaving the Presidency peacefully than through violent means. Violence breeds instability. Jammeh’s Marabout should explain further about what he meant by his “Lesstiharr.” Yes, Jammeh is a terrorist, but guess what, he should be given the chance to defend himself in a legally constituted court following his demise. Gambians should take example from Liberia, were the late Samuel Doe was murdered in cold blood by rebels led by Prince Johnson, Kuruma and International indicted criminal Charles Taylor. No serious evidence was gathered from Doe regarding his accomplices who aided and abetted him to oppress Liberians. The rebels where at the time interested about “Liberian” wealth supposedly hidden by Doe. Horomsi is not  premediating about Jammeh’s demise, he is merely reporting what sources relayed to him through Jammeh’s own mouth. Whether true or false, the information is worth reporting.

I know for a fact that my pieces are reviewed by the NIA on their daily briefings.For heaven sake don’t lie to Jammeh. They gave  wrong advise to Jammeh all the time. The soboteurs are the ones being paid by the Gambian tax payers without delivering the goods. The Gambia lacks Intelligence bureau. Jammeh calls the NIA on many occasions trying to exchange notes with them. In most cases, the NIA are not aware of happenings. If the NIA was functioning as expected, Jammeh don’t need to spent his time trying to recruit informants in the army, the police and prisons. The NIA is a torture center. It should be renamed. It’s not an intelligence agency.

Jammeh is making the biggest mistake by thinking that he had succeeded in scaring the military. Once a soldier is always a soldier. Yahya Jammeh has created a lot of enemies within and outside this country. Not that anything that glitters is real. Our army are angry. Jammeh should spent a day on line of these barracks and listen to the concerns of the soldiers. Jammeh don’t expect to kill ones uncle or brother and expects that person to like him. While he pre-occupied himself on HIV/Aids cure, the national boat is on the verge of capsizing. There are  a lot of things going on. The Civil populace are equally disgruntled today. There is no hope in this country. No one can freely express himself. The opposition which should serve as watchdog have taken a silence approach to the situation. Almost, Everybody is saying that Jammeh is mad, but few are brave enough to speak their mind in the open.

Last week, I had a conversation with a senior army official who told me that they were aware about the secret surveillances being mounted on senior army officers. ” They trail us to the market, office, friend’s houses, play ground and other social places. They kept track of the people calling us and the people we talked to. A lady at GAMCEL even cautioned me to be careful as my phone records were being closely monitored. Junior soldiers who called me are also being watched. This is the type of situation we found ourselves as officers of the army. No one is safe here.” said the official.

When I asked the official why they were being watched he remarked”The President believes that his down fall would emanate from the army top brass as such he is doing everything humanely possible to watch our activities. I may leave the army soon. I cannot work in such environment. There is no discipline in the military now. Junior officers disobey our commands with impunity. State Guards close protection officers don’t compliment us in some cases. They think they are above us since they are close to the President.”said the army officer.

Over the past couples of the days, I was also busy investigating the veracity of the March coup attempt. A top GAF official told me that Daba Marena, Lowe and others were killed because the President thought that they were the mastermind of the coup, which forces its ring leader Ndure Cham to fled the country. Ndure is alive and kicking. A GAF official told me that Ndure ones sneak into the country and was able to make some private transactions before returning to base. How safe is the Gambia? Horomosi will be back later with more revelations.  Chi Jamaa. Kenasudomireymila.

Posted on Friday, March 23, 2007 (Archive on Wednesday, April 25, 2007)
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