Horomsi:Do I hear Sana Bairo Sabally calling Pa Nderry M’Bai “Katatoo” meaning a troublemaker? No, no, no, Bairo. Pa Nderry is a peacemaker contrary to the widely held view by some naive minded Gambians, especially those close to the corridors of power in Banjul. Lamin Waa Juwara was also branded as such by the APRC in the past. It’s time for us Gambians to accept one and another despite our different political views on national matters. Sana Bairo Sabally would be surprised to learn that he is a good friend of Pa Nderry’s own cousin, which we would explain in this write up later….The Gambia is too small for crisis situation.  To let jokes aside, Sana Bairo Sabally is becoming a political animal these days. Sana for the past days succeeded in dominating online pages. His stories attracted a lot of hits. Ask computer gurus they know what we meant by that. His stories are selling. Gambians and non Gambians alike are interested about his pieces. We cannot tell at this hour whether Sana’s readers mean well for him or not, but what is evident is that the guy is trying to build a political base. Like his brother Yahya Jammeh, Sana would also hate to be called a politician, but the bottomline is that all human being are political animals including Bairo.

I must admit that Bairo is changing by the minute and the hour. This is not the mighty Sabally we used to know in the early days of the coup. Sana has changed for better. He is preaching messages of democracy, tolerance, peace, unity and African brotherhood. We hope his brother President Jammeh draws lesson from his experience to avoid future embarrassment. There is nothing wrong for one to own up to his or her past deeds and seek for forgiveness.

If Bairo Sabally is reading me at this hour, I want to remind him about a former school mate of his Momodou Lamin Nget. Mr.Nget was not only a friend of his but a fellow country men as well. Mr.Nget is Pa Nderry’s cousin. Sana might as well met Pa Nderry at Nget’s residence by chance without knowing. You see how small the Gambia is? Perhaps, Sabally will connect the dots by now….

Horomsi would be in Dakar next month on a private visit. Feel free to get in touch with me. I’m prepared to give you the necessary counselling you need to accept Mr.M’Bai as a genuine comrade in the struggle committed to emancipating our country from Jammeh’s one man rule through democratic means.

Pa Nderry is a down to earth young man who harbours no grudges against you including any other Gambian . Don’t give your ears to enemies of Freedom. Horomsi travels extensively and interacts with Gambians at all levels. I love my country and would continue to speak out against injustice and state sponsored brutality against our people.

Feel at home Bairo, while on our Freedom train. This is the train that would restore democracy, rule of law and dignity in the Gambia. Don’t bother to ask who is Horomsi. I’m a servant of the Gambian people including your very self. I put my life on the line to  free you from despotism by using the might of  my pen and computer. My name is a subject of discussion at the state house and Kanilai the President’s home village. They like what I write and say on Freedom even though it gutted their ashes, excuse me for my language.

Sana Bairo Sabally, I disagree with your assertion regarding self defence to justify the mass killing of Gambian soldiers. Your statement speaks volumes and can hunt you in days to come bro… For your information, international law bares summary executions without an option of trial. As I piece this dispatch together, some Gambian human rights legal luminaries are carefully studying your statement. I cannot tell you what would be their next line of action, but what is evident is that your statement is no doubt going to help future investigators into the said incident, which devastated families in the Gambia.

Going by your piece, the killing of Dot Faal, Barrow, Saye and others was done to avenge their alleged plans to take council members lives and that of their families. A very revealing statement indeed. This case can be forwarded to the international court of justice by interested parties. I must commend you for your statement that you are prepared to  respond to any future enquiry into the said  incident. Gambians are looking forward the day when Sana will appear before the dock to testify about his role if their is any on the November 11 killings.

Sana should not be isolated at this hour. We should encourage him to talk. The guy seems to know a lot about Jammeh and his government which he served. Sana is telling us that the November 11 action was done to maintain national security. We should not forget that President Jammeh was the commander-in-chief at the time even though he was not on the ground to witness the killings. The information I earlier received suggested that Jammeh was not in the picture at the time about  the killing of Barrow and others. Sana’s revelation suggests differently. Who said the Freedom previous pieces on Sabally don’t have impact? The truth is coming slowly but surely.

Sana would be doing  a great disservice to himself by concealing  his knowledge about the said incident. By virtue of his position at the material  time in the AFPRC, many concluded that he was behind the killings. Whether true or false, this was the widely held view within the country and beyond. Bairo needs to clear his image. He should not wait for any court or enquiry into the incident to tell his story. I hope to see you in Dakar by the new year. Have a happy Christmas and joyous new year. Horomsi borromreymi…….

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