Horomsi: Murder convict Batch Faye, has gone missing. He was reported missing from his prison cell. A nationwide Man hunt to trace the convict proved futile. During a visit to the Mile Two Prison, I was told by a local warden how Batch Faye was helped to escape from jail by some prison officials. Batch Faye who is believed to be in Dakar at this hour, was jailed for the murder of Njok Malick, a personal friend of Faye. David Colley’s  troubles with the state was partly blamed to the escape of Batch Faye. President Jammeh should get ready. My prison diary had damaging information and if exposed Jammeh would commit suicide.

While some believe that the murder convict might have used his family to bribe the prison officials to facilitate his escape, reports have it that Faye was in the good books of the prison authorities here in Banjul. While at the remand wing, I heard how the prisoner was set free that early morning by the wardens. I was granted visitors pass,  since I was there to secretly investigate the murder of Daba Marena and Co. There and then a prison warden of mine confided with me in private. “Do you know Batch Faye? The guy who was accused of killing Njok Malick has  been secretly set free. He walked out from his cell to the main yard and escaped. There is a big confusion here. The authorities arrested our Directorate in relation to the escape of Batch Faye. We have searched everywhere, but couldn’t locate Batch Faye. He might be in Dakar, because he told me that he had relatives there.” said the prison warden.

The Prison warden then took me on a conducted tour of the facility, where he pointed the cell where Batch Faye was held. I saw Baba K Jobe, Foday Barry, Abdoulie Kujabi, Ngorr Secka, Baba Sarho and other political detainees. I was also taken to the cell where Sana Bairo Sabally was held for nine years. The said cell is being occupied by a prominent inmate. I will elaborate on this later. The prison’s environmental sanitation is deplorable so to speak. The place stinks and there is no ventilation in some of the cells. Access to air and clean drinking water  is hard to come by. Foday Barry and co are being held at the security wing cells.
Thanks to my prison warden friend, I was able to locate the cells where these individuals are being held. “Batch Faye used to stay in this cell. As you can see, there is nobody in this cell. We have  mounted road blocks at Denton Bridge and other places, but could not find Batch Faye. Up to the time of talking to you, Batch Faye is no where to be seen. He is missing at this hour.” said the warden.

Look out for my prison diary when I come back online on the murder of Daba Marena and co. Stay tuned!

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Posted on Wednesday, June 20, 2007 (Archive on Sunday, July 08, 2007)
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