Over the years, I have been reflecting on how President Yahya Jammeh, should be treated after his fall. Gambians have been talking, but few are concerned about Jammeh’s fate after his fall. This should be  of concern to all and sundry. Jammeh will no doubt in my mind leave Marina Parade one day God willing. Lets hope and pray that the next person to rule the Gambia is God fearing and a peace maker. Jammeh must be a lucky man if he receives the type of treatment, he accorded to depose President Jawara.

As I pen this piece together, our nation is divided. Jammeh has succeeded in dividing the country. People nolonger trust one and another these days. Fear and uncertainty continues to grip the nation. No one in Jammeh’s government is assured of job security, not even his own hit squad the junglers. Arrest and mistreatment of political detainees continue to be the order of the day. Extra judicial killing and dissaperances also continues to go unabated.

President Jammeh should start reflecting about his fall. Failure of which, he must be making the biggest mistake. If he wants to receive the type of treatment he accorded to President Jawara, then he needs to change his governance style. The man had wronged half of the country, in a span of 12 years. Hardly a day passes without Jammeh making enemies. Some of these enemies are working with him at the state house, while some are currently locked up or forcefully exiled.

When one talked about Jammeh’s fall, some narrow minded APRC bigwigs think about coup. The last thing we want to see in our dear country is coup. We want to see Jilanka to go through democratic means. It’s imperative to note that Jammeh might also leave through health grounds or popular will. The way he is running the country suggests that the man is mentally unstable. He trusts no one these days. Jammeh is not only paranoid but mentally unstable. By the time Gambians realise that the man is mad, it would be too late in the day.

No one in the NIA expects that Boy Harry was going to be red carded. Boy Harry was on the ground at the NIA to supervise the torture of the coup suspects and other political detainees. Harry was hired to restructure the NIA and to bring stability in the army, the police and the entire country.

Today, Harry is at the Mile Two Prisons. There would many Boy Harry’s in days to come. As long as Jammeh commands the mantle of power, many head will roll. The likes of Lang Tombong Tamba, Petert Singhateh, Masaneh Kinteh and others in the military should watch their back. If they think  that they cannot be replaced they must be living in dream world. The President don’t joke with his interest. Many shall be called but few would be chosen. The few already chosen to serve are faced with big challeges. The lucky ones would get the sack, while the unlucky are either killed or jailed.

President Jammeh should think twice. He is shapping a bad future for himself. Gambians have no problem with him if he is out to root out corruption, neopotism and abuse of office. What we are against is his recent move to use our people as “Guinea Pigs.” Jammeh uses people for a purpose only to discard them the next day. The culture of killings, kidnapping, torture and harassment of political opponents should cease in the interest of national unity. In my mind, Jammeh is sowing seeds of discord in our country. Many people are angry with the system to an extent that they are on the verge of exploding.

Gambians should not fool themselves. We are far from being safe as Jammeh wants to make us believe. This country is open to total upheaval at any given time. An oppressed nation can resort to retaliation. Our oppressed people are talking these days, openly in the streets of Banjul. Jammeh is very aware of the growing discontent in the Gambia. The discontenment  is across the board. The military and the civilian population are very angry with what’s going on in the Gambia. Lack of job security, decent salaries, incentives, discrimination, oppression and unstable future are among the issues they are complaing  about.

Jammeh would be surprised to know that one of his immediate bodyguards had one of his family members recently victimised. The said bodyguard is a human being like all of us. No one  wants to see his uncle killed, tortured, arrested or harassed. The said body guard to some extent is unhappy with Jammeh. We sometime wonder if President Jammeh examines the security dangers he exposed himself to on a daily basis. You don’t expect to kill someone’s brother or uncle and expect  the person to like you. No. This is the type of situation we found ourselves as a nation. Jammeh had shattered the fabric of society in the Gambia. It would take years to rebuild our country.

Inside the state house today, no one knows who is loyal or not. People hardly trust one another. Soldiers and civilians  report to work with fear. Anyone can be arrested on bogus charges and thrown into jail. The Army Chief of Staff himself is not certain when the jungglers will come for him. He knows these junglers but deared talk to them. The junglers are too powerful. They are not answerable to Tamba, but Jammeh. They can walk into Tamba’s office and arrest him one day. Jammeh himself should be worried about the junglers. They can get intosticated and behave otherwise. Jammeh created them and shall pay for the price sooner or later. For heaven sake don’t be paniced because of my observations. I know for a fact that a lot of things are going on right now.
Jammeh is also worried about what he perceived as as “external security threats” our nation is exposed to. General Fall’s visit was just the tip of the iceberg. Jammeh himself telephoned President Wade to authenticate reports regarding Kukoi’s group who were alleged to have been based in Senegal before moving to Bissau. Wade sents an envoy to reassure him. To those of you, who don’t know about Boy Harry’s sacking, I will give you some hints. One, he was sacked because of intelligence failure. He could not furnish Jammeh enough information regarding the desssidents recently captured in Bissau. Two, boy Harry was undermined by some agents who claimed that he down played their reports regarding Kuikoi.

The government is so desperate that it had resorted to hiring some undercovers to spy foreign nationals abroad. They want to establish people having ties with Kuiko and the amount of  threat the nation is exposed to. Bissau and Dakar has been frequent by the NIA recently. All  we can say is that Gambians are not interested in war. We want peaceful change of government. Governments come and go but the Gambia remains. Jammeh’s future should be of concern to all and sundry. The nation is in trouble.

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