Hoodwinked Too

What do you get when you give the fractured fairy tale treatment to the classic story of Robin Hood: a reworking of the basic plot, some slyly witty writing and topical references, top-of-the-line vocal talent? Why, of course, it’s Hoodwinked, a comical airy soufflé of a movie. Following on that relative success, a sequel, with all those elements are tossed into the air again, hoping for the magic to repeat itself, just like it did with the sequels to the original Toy Story, or the very first Shrek.

Unfortunately, Hoodwinked Too comes down with the heavy thud of a lead balloon hitting the ground. Nope – all the elements of the original were there, but this time didn’t work at all. I would chalk it up to a basically lame and leaden plot, which seemed like a riff on just about every suspense thriller out there: will the hero/ine recover his/her basic mojo and team up with whomever in time to rescue whomever from the clutches of whomever. It wasn’t any more out there than the plots of the Shrek franchise, but in this iteration, it just seemed to be alternately cringe-making and boring. The various actors did their best, I’ll grant them that, but if you loved the original Hoodwinked, then go back and watch it again, instead.

Hoodwinked Too is available at Amazon.com and other commercial retail outlets.

Sgt. Mom is a free-lance writer and member of the Independent Authors Guild who lives in San Antonio and blogs at The Daily Brief. Her Adelsverein Trilogy, and her latest – Daughter of Texas – is also available through Amazon.com. More about her books is at her website www.celiahayes.com.

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