Nope, not a new Disney blockbuster, this actually happened. Sky News reports that a 45 year old Florida man went to the emergency room (I wonder how he actually got seen) complaining of a headache so severe that he thought he was having an aneurism only to find out that his wife had shot him.

“The nurse looked at him and said: ‘It appears that you’ve been shot,’” said Local sheriff, Ken Mascara.

The man’s wife claims to have accidentally shot her husband while he slept. She took him to the hospital when he awoke, but fled the emergency room shortly after the bullet was discovered.

Currently in jail on weapons charges, wifey dearest has already confessed to the accidental shooting.

Half way around the world, 77 year old Jin Guangying, has finally been cured of her 64 year long headache. The poor dear came face to face with a Japanese patrol back in ’43 and caught a bullet in the brainpan.

When she awoke, her head was heavily bandaged and she never knew she was carrying around Japanese lead.

Her family -who couldn’t afford proper healthcare in the worker’s paradise and assumed she just had a tumor- said Jin would often foam at the mouth and talk gibberish. The family plans to file a lawsuit for decades of suffering and to obtain a public apology.

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