I don’t like Hillary and I don’t like Rudy and here’s why.

I think both are opportunists who play fast and loose with the truth.

For example, during the Monica affair, watching the Clintons exit church, Bill with his Bible tucked conspicuously under one arm, Hillary (no stranger to his various infidelities) tucked firmly on the other earned both my permanent contempt.

Rudy Giuliani fell right off his 9-11 “I’m a hero” perch when, during a tour of Ground Zero, he conspicuously removed his surgical mask – as if to say, “Come see our Broadway shows! No dangerous air pollution here!” If EPA’s then-director Christy Whitman ever runs for public office, I wouldn’t vote for her, either. She claimed the air was “safe” when asbestos dust was everywhere.

The former New York mayor now wants to be President. I would never vote for someone who allowed his firefighters to risk their respiratory health by responding to the collapse of the towers without proper equipment – in this case, SCBAs: Self-Contained Breathing Apparatus.

And in fact, 2,000 NYC firefighters have developed serious respiratory illnesses in the aftermath of 9-11.

An article in the New York Times last month titled, “Ground Zero Illnesses Clouding Giuliani’s Legacy,” says public documents suggest that Giuliani downplayed dangers in the air so as to protect the city’s image and speed the cleanup. Court documents confirm the use of OSHA-required respirators at the site was not vigorously enforced. The city says it tried, but responders refused to wear them

Eight thousand public safety workers in New York, such as firefighters and cops, are suing the city for negligence in connection with Ground Zero air related illnesses – illnesses the city acknowledges have already run into $100s of millions in medical expenses. Medical experts and city officials now concur that dust and toxic materials in the air when the towers fell were indeed a menace, the Times article states, adding that it’s still too soon to know whether exposure to the toxins will also result in cancers.

During Ground Zero cleanup, Giuliani shoved federal agencies aside, according to the article in the Times, pushing to get the pit cleaned in just nine months, when original estimates were it would take 30. One OSHA (www.osha.gov) official describes the rush job as environmentally “slipshod.” Public records hint strongly suspected health concerns were covered up in the mayor’s insistence that the financial district get back to “normal” quickly.

In fairness to Giuliani, to this day some firefighters in New York are angry that he “shut down the pile” due to concerns for firefighter safety – allowing only a fraction of the force to continue digging through debris in hopes of saving or recovering buried co-workers – who in some cases were also loved ones.

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