Has Jay Leno’s exotic animal show been ‘cat-jacked’ by lies & propaganda?

On December 5, 2012, Jay Leno’s show featured a tiny lion cub (Julie Scardina’s Animals, Part 1 on Jay Leno (12/05/12)) VIDEO: http://www.nbc.com/the-tonight-show/video/clip/1426173/

The unsuspecting viewers were supposed to believe this story told by Julie Scardina, SeaWorld/Busch Gardens Animal Ambassador that ““This baby lion cub was bought online by a young person with no knowledge of animals or reality the cub is going to grow into a 300 lb lethal Lion.  It is an ongoing investigation, the parents came home and went what the? and you know realized she was confiscated and in the middle of a court case. Sold online by an Exotic Breeder”…”

  When the honest breeders, zoos, sanctuaries, exhibitors, pet owners and supporters representing responsible exotic animal community saw this on the Jay Leno episode, they were in disbelief. The story told by Scardina and publicized across the USA and Internet was a lie.
The truth is, the female lion cub ‘LC’ was born in a legal, state of Florida and federally USDA licensed facility named Animal Adventures, Inc, owned by Sue Pearce.

Scardina teamed up with another Florida based facility, Busch Wildlife Sanctuary,  to provide her with some of the animals for her public appearances.  As it appears from the history, the Busch Wildlife Sanctuary is compensated for their public appearances.

In the case of Leno’s December 5th show, Bush Wildlife had no lion cub available, so they rented one on a temporary basis from Animal Adventures, Inc.. The lioness LC was legally born there, never abused or sold online to a young gullible girl, which is a blatant lie told by Sardina on Jay Leno to the unsuspecting viewers. The temporary USDA transfer of the cub from one FL USDA facility to another was 100% legal. Sue Pearce had no reason to deny a request to loan a cub for a supposed ‘educational purposes’, as she had no knowledge of the lie that was to be told. The cub was accompanied to the show, and lovingly cared for, by Animal Adventures volunteer Sherry Cox DeWald during the trip.
Imagine the surprise of the exotic animal community, and especially the lion owner and caretakers, when they heard the fake story on Jay Leno TV show.

It appears the lie was supposedly originated by David Hitzig, Executive Director of the Busch Wildlife sanctuary. One can only wonder why, as he appears to be a friend of hypocrite Jack Hanna, who is supporting possibly unconstitutional exotic animal ban in Ohio.

Why is it OK for certain TV shows, teaming up with certain politically correct exotic animal facilities, to make money with cute exotic animals, while they reprimand others for doing the same? Is it because these hypocrites need anti exotic animal propaganda to support other bans that are introduced in many states (Nevada, Virginia, etc…) and already introduced on federal level? Is it because they need fake stories to assure the passage of these possibly unconstitutional exotic animal bans, while exempting themselves from  the very bans they support?

The honest and responsible exotic animal community is asking for the following:

1. Full investigation of what happened and why, and for firing the guilty parties so this doesn’t happen again

2. Full public apology from the SeaWorld and Jay Leno to Sue Pearce and her facility, Animal Adventures, Inc.

3. For Jay Leno to let Sue Pearce, along with the lion cub LC, come on his show on her own terms and tell the true story. (Jay Leno should at least publicly announce on his show that the original 12/5/2012 story was a complete propaganda fabrication and tell the true story himself.)
For further details and show scheduling contact:

Animal Adventures, Inc.5001 SW Rucks Dairy Rd. Okeechobee, Florida 34974
Phone (863) 447-6050 Email animal.adventures@live.com
Website http://www.animaladventureslive.webs.com

For generic questions about private ownership of exotic animals contact REXANO (Responsible Exotic Animal Ownership)
www.REXANO.org   contact@REXANO.org

Photo Copyright © Sherry Cox DeWald 2012

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