A down-on-his-luck man in a down-on-her-luck city inspired plenty of lucky folks to do unto others as you will have them do unto you.

Back in July Charles Moore, an unemployed roofer, was riffling a dumpster in Detroit, searching for returnable bottles and cans, when he came upon a man’s jacket containing a stack of savings bonds with a face value of $8900, and a possible actual value of $21,000.

Rather than keeping the money for himself, the homeless man went on a search for the rightful owners, eventually locating the family of the recently deceased man who had owned the jacket.

After the Detroit News ran a story on the man, letters of support and donations for Moore began pouring in. Today, Moore has been given more than $10,000 in donations, which he has used to buy a car, pay for a 3-bedroom apartment in Detroit, and arrange for vocational training for a new career in computers.

“At a time when life seems pretty chaotic, pointless and grim, Charles Moore’s responsible behavior was a hopeful sign — an indication that our civilization isn’t lost and that there are folks, like Charles, living their lives in a thoughtful way regardless of their personal circumstances”

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