According to an Associated Press report published in the Seattle Post-Intelligencer, “President Bush on Wednesday signed a homeland security bill that includes an overhaul of the Federal Emergency Management Agency and $1.2 billion for fencing along the U.S.-Mexico border to stem illegal immigration.” Oddly enough, according to the Seattle PI story, Mexican President Vicente Fox “has called the barrier “shameful.” He compares it to the Berlin Wall.”

If memory serves me correctly, and it does, the Berlin Wall had to do with the division of a city and a nation, a concept that has not a thing to do with a point of separation between two nations that have long been separate. Mexico and the United States are not a single nation being suddenly — in the historical timeframe of sudden — torn asunder.

The Houston Chronicle reports that the Mexican government doesn’t believe the fence will really be built, anyway.

“There is no money to build it, so it won’t be built,” President Fox’s spokesperson Ruben Aguilar said, as reported by the Houston Chronicle. “Even though the wall was approved, there is no funding.”

Fox News reports that “the homeland security funding bill deploys nuclear detection equipment to points of entry, raises safety security standards at chemical plants, provides better tools to enforce immigration laws and provides vehicle barriers, lighting and infrared cameras to help catch illegals trying to cross the border.”


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