Lets face it, home theater systems are the ‘Bread and butter’ of Best Buy and Wal-mart. A big screen TV bundled with a bunch of speakers, a couple of boxes that no-one knows what the hell they do, and you are all set!

But is a home theater setup ideal for the sporting events? There is little doubt that more home theater set-up’s are bought for watching the Super Bowl than Super Tuesday.

However even with the TV the size of Texas, and the sound system that would put even the best music band to shame. It just not matter how you slice it and dice it, you can spend $50,000 on a home theater system but is not the same as being there.

I’d like to say that I had spent hundreds of thousands of dollars researching this problem, but I cannot. The ‘Game Day’ problem, is a tricky one, neither Best Buy nor Wal-mart were interested in participating in my research. I have to admit that I was deflated and decided to park the whole project on the back burner.

As is so often the case, the answer to a complex problem comes from an unlikely source. Many claim that Isaac Newton came up with the whole idea of gravity by being smacked on the head by a falling apple. Newtonian science was born!

It was a similar revelation for me. The solution to getting that live ‘game day’ feel was simple. I cannot take credit for it, it was my wife that made the great discovery.

We live on a hurricane zone, so we have a TV in the living room that weighs more than the state of Mississippi. It would take special permits and the use of NASA’s crawler to move this beast.


Jan has a ‘bad back’ but likes to watch TV in the kitchen. Even though the Space Shuttle program had been shut down, so the Crawler was free, there was the problem with parking!  We have a good sized back yard, but someone would likely complain if we parked the crawler there. Also there was the issue of access to the house. The Crawler would not fit through the door, in fact it was about ten times wider than the entire house. It is also reported that it is pretty heavy on gas. It does not go by Miles Per Gallon (MPG), IPG (Inches per Gallon) is a better way of looking at it. The Crawler was out!

My wife came up with a solution to the problem was deceptively simple, and solved my quest for the game day experience. She has installed a harmless looking 20 inch TV in the kitchen. Now every program sounds like you are in the stadium. There is that wonderful echo! Jerry Springer has taken on a new dimension, even the local news people sound better.

Everything is now like being in a huge stadium.

Every house is different, so I cannot guarantee the same results. But I have found that positioning the TV’s exactly 18.5 feet apart produces the best result. Every program can be enjoyed as if you are in the stadium.

Simon Barrett 

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