Every once in a while there is a book that stands out. Books are very personal items. The one thing that I do know is that 99.9999% of authors put their life and soul into whatever book it is they are writing. A book is often the window into the mind of the author. The one notable exception to this rule is any author that makes it to the New York Times best seller list. While the money is good for all involved, the end product will be something that has been over edited, over hyped, and under written.

I like books that have a soul. I like books that have a message. I like books that come from the heart.

OK, I must confess something. I know a little about John Dragona, in fact several years ago I talked to him. I was not keen on a couple of his projects, they did not really seem to be works with any literary interest to me.

Home Sweet Home is a very different book. This is a book that explores areas that most authors fear to tread in. In some ways the race card is the key, but only in a glancing blow. Maybe it is the drug money element? Maybe it is the fact that one of the main characters is blind? Maybe it is because it focuses on the homeless?

One thing is crystal clear, John Dragona has created a very wonderful book. I have only read the first third, but if it keeps up in this style the rest of it has yet more wonders to be revealed.

Many years ago I was given the sage advice. “Only write about subjects you know”. A great book comes from within, not from without. Good fiction always has some roots in reality!

I am still reading Home Sweet Home, but he has a winner on his hands. John has boldly gone where other authors have not.

John hits on subjects that mere mortals run away from. It is easy to poke fun at the Homeless, it is easy to poke at those that don’t quite fit into society, and it is oh so easy to take aim at those that do not fit into what ‘society’ thinks ‘society’ should do.

I’ll post a book review when I am done reading. But so far Home Sweet Home is nothing but a great read.

Simon Barrett

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