The “A-list” Hollywood celebrity Tom Cruise has been warned that he should seek medical advice and assistance after reports that he may have been exposed to the deadly substance asbestos while aboard a cruise ship called Freewinds.

It is thought that the actor may have come into contact with the deadly substance while on the one million dollar cruise ship, on which he has spent time for various seminars and talks relating to Scientology, in which he is known to have a strong interest.

The vessel on which the forty five year old actor spent time is anchored in Curaco, and according to reports deadly blue asbestos dust was released into the air on the vessel when it was being refurbished, and the actor could now have been exposed to the deadly carcinogenic.

However, a spokesperson for the vessel said that the actor is not at any risk of exposure, stating: ‘The Freewinds regularly inspects air quality on board and always meets or exceeds US standards.’

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