Holidays always present a huge security threat. It is not everyone who gets into a celebratory mood during the holidays. While the rest of humanity is planning how to have a good time with friends and family there are some people that see the holidays as an opportunity to “redistribute wealth”. These thieves will stop at nothing to get their grabby-hands on our hard earned wealth. However, there are ways to make your valuables the least attractive to them. To make something valuable seem unattractive to a thief is something that is not easy. It involves showing the thief that your things require a little bit more effort to get away with than the next persons.

Tips for Securing your Things over the Holidays

1. The first port of call when planning your holiday should not be the travel agent but your local police even if you were robbed while playing games at casino joka casino en ligne. Go to the police and tell them about your travel plans. As much as might mistrust or think your local police is incompetent report your intentions to them. Most police forces have laid down precautions, services and guidelines for citizens during holiday seasons. You are bound to find these useful in securing your home.

2. Next on the list is sorting out your personal home security. The police might offer an extra layer of protection but it is essential that the first layer be properly functional. This means you need to make sure that all your locks work proficiently. Your alarm system should also be up to date. Old systems are easy to bypass with time. Make sure that all the components of your alarm are working well. Check the motion sensors and other parts of the system.

3. Work on the look of your house. When you travel you need to make sure that your house does not easily tell the story of people that have gone on holiday. Get timed lights and take care of your garden before you leave to give it the lived-in look. Even after winning that online jackpot at online casinos like cinemacasino make sure that you destroy all evidence that you have new valuables in the house. This evidence includes packaging for computers, TVs and other fancy gadgets.

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