I like the stuff, the deli at the local supermarket sells it. It;s pretty bland and tasteless, but so is almost everything else, Ham, Turkey, Beef. Etc. There seemed no choice so I went along with getting a few slices, well at least I can dream of the real thing!

Recently I found a small butchers shop in town. Rather than sell the mass produced rubbish they make their own Sausages and Hogs Head Cheese.

By my calculations it costs about 80 cents a day to fix my addiction.

I find that it is important to eat it with really good fresh baked bread. Here we have a bit of a problem, there is not a real bakery in a 50 mile radius. French bread should be crunchy on the outside and pillowy soft on the inside.

In this neck of the woods ‘French Bread’ is two feet of soggy stodge used to make Po-boy sandwiches.

Without doubt the best bread in town is the stuff that Walmart bakes. 99Cents scores a loaf of french or Italian. No it does not come with a crunchy crust, but there is a solution to the problem. 4-5 mins in a 350f oven works wonders It is almost as good as real bread from a real bakery,

My Modus Operandi is to cut 2 half inch thick slices of bread. Spread a thin cover of Butter on them. REAL BUTTER, certainly no ‘spread’ or anything else masquerading as butter. And under no circumstances use Mayo, it will ruin the taste.

Lurpak is my favorite, but any real butter will work

Under no circumstances use this crap.


Place the Head Cheese on the bread. At this point you can just go yum, or embellish it a little. I really like to put a dab of Horseradish sauce and a razor thin (and I do mean razor thin) sliver of fresh onion.

This is the ultimate lunchtime snack.

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