To say that over the last seven months I have had a political reboot would be putting it mildly.

It’s more like a thorough overhaul, like the one the master mechanic does on his vehicular dream machine.

As anyone who has read my blog previously would know, I am a rabid liberal-progressive. Liberal in the sense that the very word conservatism raises my hackles, and progressive in the good ol’ fashioned Teddy Roosevelt sense of the word. See these posts for examples of my extreme leftyness. That being said, I guess my political tastes could be called naive or pie-in-the-sky, considering every candidate I have supported has crashed and burned. John Kerry got swiftboated, John Edwards literally dropped the mic and left his supporters hanging, and Hillary Clinton, though a fiery progressive in her own right and one hell of a good Senator in my opinion, ran a horrible campaign and got outmaneuvered by a nearly-unknown but hellaciously-good community organizer from Chicago.

Ahem… excuse me, I’m a little hoarse from the seven-month silence…

Anyhow, after Hillary cracked the ceiling 118 million times (for me the analogy is better if reversed, like the Coyote sawing himself through a wood floor… only in our version Wil E. is replaced by Mark Penn) and Obama won the nomination, I have sat back and tried to withhold my judgment on the presumptive Democratic nominee.

Granted, I have had harsh words before, such as suggesting Obama is disingenuous, but I am a Democrat. If the last eight years have taught us anything, it’s that without party unity we get run down by the dogged determination of the Limbaugh-besmitten set.

I do have to say, hearing shit like Obama folding on telecom immunity, or the recently floated suggestion that he may bend on offshore drilling (known to the thinkers amongst us as the “Make the Oil Company Shareholders Even More Ridiculously Wealthy” initiative) well, it cranks up my disbelief a notch.

Some of us have been in the trenches, trying our best to speak truth to power and change the special-interest dominated system we labor under for the better. It seems the rest of us, the speak-softly set, the fence-sitters amongst us, have flooded into the Democratic party. It’s like watching the crowd at a bar when somebody pukes… nobody wants to be associated with the Republican brand anymore, in fact they are leaping out of the way to avoid the chunks.

The reason this bothers me, and the reason Obama’s apparent political fragility also bothers me, is that we didn’t suffer through this ridiculous Administration and all its foolish blunders, tempting terrorist attacks, WWIII, or even some fascist power-grab in our own nation (oh wait, that did happen) only to blandly give up on our convictions at the point where we are set to wield the most political clout and finally get some shit done.

That’s just dumb.

So I guess I’ll contribute, I’ll wear out some shoe leather and help elect some responsible leadership, but not without holding my nose a little.

One day some leader will actually come along with true popular support, not just a butt-load of special interest money with a thin veneer of $50 contributions. When that day comes, and money is finally eliminated from the American electoral system, then true equality will finally be within our grasp. Until then we take the schmucks promoted by the big money interests, and do our best to overlook the flaws and hope for real change.

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