I am the first to admit that the occasional really big story slips by me. I get wrapped up in something minor like Child abuse and murder, and so miss the really big stories like a cure for HIV/Aids being announced.

I have to admit that I am a little disappointed in CNN and Fox not picking up the story, but maybe the great discoverer of this wonder did not feel comfy talking to the big dogs and selected me instead.

This was the exciting email:


http://www.ambushcuresaidsfree.com  is now operational.
1. We are located in Dallas, Texas, USA.
2. AMBUSH is supplied as the dried powdered form of the Palm plant with ginger added as taste and preservative.
3. The package size is 6 x 9 approx and weighs approx 2 oz. per pack.
4. Kindly use the PAYPAL account to send your love GIFT of $25 or more to cover shipping and handling.
AMBUSH is FREE but it cost to send it to you.
5. For Fed Ex please calculate the cost from its website FROM Dallas Texas to YOU .
6. Please fill out the CONTACT US page with your NAME ( or fictitious ) and complete MAILING ADDRESS and
we will send you the AMBUSH complete with directions.
7.Thanks for waiting. http://www.ambushcuresaidsfree.com

Obviously the urgency to get the message out precluded any editing for grammar. But when you have just fixed a world wide problem, who cares about some minor issues with language and formatting. Fluff is for politicians not men of science.

So who is the man that surely is destined for a Nobel prize? His name is Apostle Shada Mishe. But I suspect that he uses this as a bit of a nickname, well lets face it, going by Apostle Shada Mishe is way easier to remember than Vernon Palmer.

It nevertheless is great that Vernon or Apostle Shada Mishe has done what billions of dollars and many fine researchers have failed to do.

I have a real problem with people taking advantage of the sick. If Vernon has the cure, he needs to get it in front of the medical world, not send spam emails out. Oh and if you have any questions, Vernon is happy to answer them, his email is apostleshadamishe@gmail.com

Simon Barrett


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