One often hears that government schools in totalitarian nations brainwash their children to love the government. People in free nations decry that as oppressing the free will of innocent children, and rightly so. In American schools, however, just the opposite is true as with the case of an anti-American teacher in a public school in Chico, California who hates this country so much that he sent a letter home to his student’s parents urging them to renounce their citizenship in the U.S. as he announced he was so doing.

Since the troubling work of the so-called progressives led by John Dewey that has resulted in the near destruction of our institutes of higher learning, American schools have been steadily undermining this country. For a long time, at least, it was isolated mostly in the Universities safely removed from our youngest and most vulnerable students. Now, this pernicious and self-loathing force is commonly seen in even our elementary and high schools all too often. Supposed “teachers” who so hate the United States, its culture, history and ideals that they are willing to cast aside any pretense of teaching and are going straight for political indoctrination of their own hate filled ideology appear everywhere you turn.

This is the case of yet another American hater, another Ward Churchillesque propagandist infesting an American public school, one paid for by public funds, who is advocating the destruction of the United States by teaching things antithetical to our nation.

“Teacher” Mike Brooks is teaching his 14-year-old, middle school children that the U.S. tortures people and that it is better to be a member of “the global community” than to be an American. He is so filled with hate against the U.S.A. that he even sent a letter home to his student’s parents asking them to renounce their citizenship in the U.S.

Worse than this, the school’s principal is so mindless that she is sticking up for this enemy to our country by saying she is sure Brooks “has no political agenda to advance.” Clearly he does with his advocacy that his students turn against their own country.

Parent Michael Hill of Chico tells reporters, “The lesson being taught in class was that the U.S. kidnaps innocent people and takes them to Cuba, where they are kept indefinitely and tortured.”

Hill went on to say that his daughter, “broke into tears when she talked about Brooks mentioning illegal wiretaps and other surveillance directed against innocent people.”

The letter this propagandist for unAmerican ideologies sent out re-imagined the Declaration of Independence in “modern language” and ended with the teacher’s postscript renouncing his citizenship in the U.S.

“After careful consideration of the facts of our current situation, I have decided to announce to everyone that I am no longer a citizen of the United States, but a free and independent member of the global community,” it read.

Then he insisted that parents sign this letter so that his children may return it to his classroom. Many of the children felt pressured into having their parents sign it, though this purported teacher claims he meant only to start a “discussion.”

I would suggest to the Chico, California schools system that they allow this “independent member of the global community” to go find a job in a Madrassa somewhere where his hate-America ideology will be welcomed with open arms and where he will not have his truly wasted salary paid for by the tax payers of the country he so hates.

This story can be added to another recent and outrageous one from Sampson County, North Carolina. There a local High School banned the U.S. flag from being displayed on articles of clothing. In true, mindless “zero tolerance” style, the U.S. flag was banned along with that of any other nation because too many Mexican kids were wearing Mexican flag items to school.

Not only are schools anti-American, but they are filled with gutless and stupid administrators, as well. Here the U.S. flag was banned so that administrators who “didn’t want to be forced to pick and choose which flags should be permissible,” could get away from having to make a decision.

That one would have been easy for a true American. Ban ALL but the U.S. flag. This IS America, after all. Fortunately, the ban was later rescinded but the only thing that changed the minds of the weak spined administrators in North Carolina was the monumentally bad publicity the story raised for them. If no one had reported on this one, the ban would still be in place and our own children would not be able to show their love for the flag of the very country in which they live.

Sadly, stories like this are not isolated and few. They happen every day throughout the country. Our government schools are failures through and through and should be dismantled. Instead of places of learning, they have become dens of the unAmerican left skulking around and undermining the very nature of these United States by teaching our children to hate their country. Parents should make themselves very aware of the indoctrination being foisted upon our children and stories like this sound a clarion call for change.

Vouchers are a start, but the elimination of the teacher’s unions is about the only thing that will begin to fix this problem. Add to that the elimination of Federal funding and a return to local control and we may yet refashion our schools into places to which we would no longer be afraid to send our children.

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