I have been a fan of History Publishing Company since it began, over 10 years ago. The name alone gives the game away, they do history, but it is history with a twist! They don’t publish scholarly works about ancient Rome. They publish ‘living history’.  Books written by people that were there, or relatives and friends that have first hand accounts of the events.
I can’t wait to to read The Forgotten Soldier, here is the press release


Second Wave Sees Gates of Hell Ahead

This is the quintessential story of the young American boy finding his manhood answering the demands of war”

— Donagh Bracken

Thirty six soldiers each with seventy five pounds of gear were packed into a thirty six foot by ten foot wooden boat; thousands were directed toward a heavily fortified German defense. The first wave to arrive at 0650 ran into a firestorm that turned the water red and set many of the boats ablaze. The second wave, thousands more, went to arrive at 0700 and saw what was happening with the first wave. To some it looked like the gates of hell were open. It was June 6, 1944, D-Day at Omaha Beach.

History Publishing Company’s Global Outreach Program will publish The Forgotten Soldier of D-Day by Fawn Zwickel on June 6, 2017. The forgotten soldier of the title Sergeant Dan Altman, a living survivor, was in the second wave of troops and was a non-commissioned officer who rallied the few survivors in his platoon to get off the beach and move inland. The story is of Sergeant Altman and his decimated unit’s movement under various commands including that of General George Patton. During the process, Sgt. Altman is tested by the war and his own feelings which causes him to reflect on how he has come to be the man he is, and why he deals with things the way he does.

The fascinating movement focuses on the day to day life of the American soldier told from the soldiers’ perspective as they struggle to get off the beach move inland then into Germany across the dragon’s teeth of the Siegfried Line. The book takes the reader onward to the Hurtgen Forest through Aachen, the death camps and Nurenburg It is a fascinating view of the American soldier in the cataclysmic event that shaped the Twentieth Century.”This is the quintessential story of the young American boy finding his manhood answering the demands of war,” says Publisher Donagh Bracken. “This is also a story of a man clinging to a moral code when the normal code of behavior was set aside by society.”

The “Forgotten Soldier of D-Day” by Fawn Zwickel will be published June 6, 2017 but will be available early on Amazon and BN.com for early ordering.

History Publishing Company a traditional book publisher with a strong American History title list has stepped into the future and settled in front of the curve in the changing publishing industry by initiating a cyber- first platform called “Global Outreach.” The cyber- first program distributes the initial publications of its new titles electronically to all English speaking countries as well as Brazil, Argentina and Mexico, each of the latter with a significant English speaking population. The English speaking countries are the United States, Canada, England, Scotland, Wales, Australia, Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland.

Author Fawn Zwickel is working on her next project, a novel about a veteran’s difficulty adjusting to life after combat. She lives in Rockaway, New Jersey with her husband and two children.

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History Publishing Company LLC
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