The Anti corruption movement that is happening in India is a unique development unseen in the history of the world. It is as unique as the “Non Cooperation Movement” started by Mahtama Gandhi.

The uniqueness of the current movement is that the leadership has been taken by religious leaders such as Baba Ramdev and Sri Sri Ravishankar along with Anna Hazare.

Corruption is so deep rooted in India that most of us who held some ideals in the childhood had slowly begun to reconcile to a state of feeling where Corruption appeared to be an inevitable part of life. The recent scams like CWG and 2G had shocked all sensible persons in India and it appeared that things were beyond repair.

Just when all hopes appeared lost came the Anna Hazare fast. When it appeared that the Government would some how kill the Lok Pal Bill, Baba Ramdev appeared to start the second wave of Anti Corruption movement. With even Sri Sri Ravishankar supporting the Ramdev action plan along with Anna Hazare, it appears that the movement will gain additional strength which may be impossible for the Government to suppress.

The immediate objective of Baba Ramdev is to bring black money stashed outside the country back into India. During the last parliamentary elections, BJP had promised it in their manifesto. Congress after election made the same promise with a time line of 100 days. Now therefore Baba Ramdev’s objective appears to be same as what BJP had promised in the manifesto and what Congress had also agreed.  Hence it is expected that there will not be any opposition from the political parties.

If ultimately corruption in India is shown the doors then it would be a unique development in the history of the world.

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