Follow along with me everyone. It shouldn’t be hard. We will be travelling along a trail of logic and common sense…liberals, feel free to find another article, say at Huffington Post, which you will be able to keep up with.

Last week President Obama gave a speech to Congress. In it, he claimed that illegal immigrants would not be included in the healthcare reform bill, and that those who claim that they are were fear-mongering and being dishonest. Of course everyone knows now the infamous words from Joe Wilson, “You Lie!” An entire week goes by which sees Wilson getting punished for daring to call the President a liar.

The President, a week later, announces that he seeks to have the wording in the healthcare bill which would bar illegal immigrants from receiving healthcare under the new plan. Now, all of a sudden, the hispanic caucus is outraged, and are considering no longer supporting the bill.

Am I going crazy here, or does that pretty much say that, at least in the congressional hispanic caucus’ eye, the bill, as it stood before, would have provided healthcare for illegal immigrants? And if I further connect the dots, wouldn’t that, at least in the minds of the hispanic caucus, support that Joe Wilson was telling the truth, as it was spoken, on that date?

Follow me in Cliff’s notes format. Obama says illegal immigrants not included in healthcare bill…no outrage from hispanic caucus

One week later, Obama seeks to have illegal immigrants barred from healthcare bill…hispanic caucus is outraged, and considers withdrawing support for bill.

Seriously, Joe Wilson is now officially owed an apology from President Obama, Jimmy (last worst president) Carter, and anyone in Congress who voted to censure him yesterday…which included the below listed RINO’s. If I were Joe, I wouldn’t hold my breath.,0,3467056.story

RINO’S TO BE VOTED OUT (I’m from MO, look out Jo Ann Emerson)
Republican Yeas
Joseph Cao (La.)
Jo Ann Emerson (Mo.)
Jeff Flake (Ariz.)
Bob Inglis (S.C.)
Walter Jones (N.C.)
Tom Petri (Wis.)
Dana Rohrabacher (Calif.)

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