My latest His Side with Glenn Sacks radio commentary for KLAA AM 830 in Los Angeles criticizes the Florida child welfare system for its handling of the “Elian Gonzalez II” case in Miami.   

To listen to the commentary, click here.  In my commentary, I explained:

“There’s been a lot of media attention focused on the ‘Elian Gonzalez II’ case in Miami. The battle over a 4-year-old Cuban immigrant girl pits her Cuban father, Rafael Izquierdo, against a wealthy Cuban-American foster family. Just as Elian’s father Juan Gonzalez faced numerous unfair hurdles to get his son back, Izquierdo is being manhandled by the child welfare system, in part because of the system’s anti-father bias.

“In 2005, the girl’s mother brought the girl to Miami from Cuba. The Florida Department of Children & Families removed the girl from her mother’s custody in 2006, after an investigation found that the woman’s mental illness rendered her an unfit parent. She was placed with a foster family, and Izquierdo came to the US to bring his daughter home.

“Izquierdo has spent months in the US and is still being denied custody of his daughter–an outrageous violation of fathers’ rights. Izquierdo should not have to fight to raise his own child. He is a fit father–how and where to raise his daughter is his decision.”

To read my views on the original Elian Gonzalez case, see April 22, 7th Anniversary of Elian Gonzalez’s Reunion with His Father.

To learn more about the Elian Gonzalez II case, click here. 

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