After four years without an album, Keith Murray has released a new project intent on putting the hop back in hip.
“Arachnophobia has to do with the fear of spiders, and Rapp-Murr-Phobia has to do with the fear of real hip-hop,” states Murray. With all of the fluff and corporate influence on many of today’s new artists, it’s fresh to know that an old cat can stay on top of the game with solid beats and experienced flows that paints the listener a picture from beginning to end. Solid beats would actually be an understatement as the legendary Erick Sermon takes the reigns as executive producer.

Rapp-Murr-Phobia gives fans something they’ve never seen before. Keith says he studied his history, listening to songs when he was at his best and those where he didn’t feel in the zone. After separating the positive from the negative, he delivered an album that bottles up all of his strengths and analyzes the world we live in. With the hit single featuring Tyrese, “Nobody do it better”, the album boasts “U Ain’t Nobody” featuring Redman and Death Squad, “Hustle On”, and “What it is” with Wu-Tang rhyme-master Method Man.

The only thing to note is that the album doesn’t start off as strong as I would have liked. It doesn’t grab the listeners
attention, with the bulk of bob-your-head songs bunched in the middle of the record. Nevertheless; hip-hop heads, you will enjoy Rap-Murr-Phobia. The rest of the nation has, as this release by Koch Records is creeping close to the Billboard Top 50.

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