Attention – Due To Allegations of Plagiarism, This Article Is Highly Suspect 

A Hindu priest who blessed Sri Lankan President Mahinda Rajapakse at the weekend has been shot dead. Selliah Parameswar was killed near his house in eastern Batticaloa district on Wednesday evening while his wife and children were having dinner inside. The authorities have blamed Tamil Tiger rebels, who deny killing him. Mr Parameswar, an ethnic Tamil, met the president when he visited the former rebel bastion of Vakarai on Saturday. Troops captured the town last month.

Chief Priest Chellaiah, aged 61 was a father of three. He was the Priest who welcomed President Mahinda Rajapaksa during visit to Vakarai on 3rd February 2006. According to the civilian sources , the slain priest had been threatened by the LTTE at several times for he had actively cooperated with the Security forces in helping the displaced people from Vakarai. The LTTE though call themselves the “Sole representative” of the Tamil community, has killed thousands of Tamil intellectuals, politicians, social workers, and community leaders throughout its 25 year old bloody campaign. The outfit that operates under fanatic illusion of its psychopathic leader V. Prabhakaran, has developed vicious mechanism to create a bunch of mentally retarded killers who would never hesitate to kill anyone that offend its leadership.


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