The democratic race for the presidency is as much fun as watching people try to survive when encased in a barrel hurtling over Niagara Falls. The DNC is getting a little skitish, we have Hillary Clinton who is losing badly, but refuses to give up. You have to admire her staying power, but I guess when your hubby was pres and the world gets to read graphic accounts of his predilection for oral sex with interns, you develop a bit of a thick skin (my wife would have whooped my ass and filed for divorce).

Hills is doing about as well as a Mac Truck in a Formula One race. But the Clinton’s don’t give up easy. According to press reports, Hills is in the hole $10 mil, one can only assume that Bill’s dry cleaning expenses have increased. There are only so many shirts you can wear, so maybe he is just becoming more careful about his ‘interns’ apparel?

In a report from USA Today, Hills maybe ready to give up the quest of running the most exclusive hotel in the US. There were many accusations that the last time the Clinton’s operated the White House it was more like a Motel 6 than a seat of government.

The big question that democrats are asking is will this battle between Hillary (big balls) Clinton and Barack (I’m just a poor black guy) Obama fracture the democratic vote? Pretty much everyone with an IQ that exceeds the caliber of their favorite gun thinks that the Democrats are a shoe in for running the White House Motel. The problem is that the Dems can’t seem to decide which camp to join.

The election should be a ‘slam dunk’, after 8 years of warmongering, it is time for a change. The Dems though, will shoot themselves in the feet. It is time for Hillary and Bill to find a new occupation, maybe start up a Diner, a Gas Station, or maybe a Dry Cleaning company.

Of course the bad news is, if Hills drops out, the battle will be between an aging (72) hawk, who makes Ronald Reagan look like a babe in arms, and Mr. and Mrs. African-American.

Is it time for Hillary to hang up her ‘Broomstick’?

Simon Barrett

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