David Schussler

With the imminent announcement of Alaska Governor Sarah Palin as The McCain VP choice, Hillary must be quaking in her pant suit. If Ms. Palin performs as well as vice president as she has in the rest of her life as a student, athlete, mother, mayor, and governor, she will without doubt eclipse Hillary within a short time.

As a vice president her chances of succeeding McCain and emerging as a possible next [woman] president are far greater than Hillary’s already. It is only for time to tell whether the McCain/Palin ticket will win and/or if they succeed in creating a better America. As far as being a Washington outsider, Palin could not be further away than being from Alaska. If the American people are looking for change, certainly a McCain/Palin ticket already represents a greater possibility for change while maintaining conservative and moral standards that all Americans truly want. Surely Sarah Palin will be scrutinized and hard vetted by the press and all interested parties. Governor Palin will have to be a quick study when it comes to foreign policy issues also, but if her past is any indication, she will do extremely well. Governor Palin has already proven herself to be a hard worker and a reformer in Alaska, having done a great job with Alaska’s economy and ecological concerns.

Kudos to McCain for making a choice that has knocked the air out of Obama’s dreamy rhetorical thrust while also making a nightmare for Hillary Clinton.

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