The other day I had the opportunity to guest host a talk radio show (something I always enjoy doing). One of the things I talked about was the shocking pronouncement by Hillary Clinton that she “prefer(s) a we’re all in it together” society.

On the ride back after doing the radio show, I heard Glen Beck raging about the same piece of news, and then heard Rush fulminating about it today.

We have known since her attempt to impose HillaryCare on the country that she was somewhere between very liberal and socialist, but this proclamation on her part puts her firmly in the socialist camp.

Hillary had been trying to position herself as the moderate among the likely Democratic candidates for president until Obama and Edwards started getting some traction by moving (far) to her left. Now she feels the pressure to play to the motivated left wing of the Party in order to win the nomination…and then she’ll have to try to move back toward the center to win the general election.

If the Republicans are smart, and that’s a big if, they will never let her live this down. The idea that “Fairness doesn’t just happen. It requires the right government policies.” represents true socialism, and is as deeply anti-American as any political position could be.

It is the politics of class envy taken to a degree that people like FDR only dared utter in private because it is not in step with the American public other than a loud fringe minority funded by George Soros and friends.

George Will has a very good essay called “Perennial Themes in Today’s Political Argument” in which he discusses some of the most fundamental differences between modern liberalism and conservatism. Here is one of many great points he makes in the piece:

Conservatism argues, as did the Founders, that self-interestedness is universal among individuals, but the dignity of individuals is bound up with the exercise of self-reliance and personal responsibility in pursuing one’s interests. Liberalism argues that equal dependence on government minimizes social conflicts. Conservatism’s rejoinder is that the entitlement culture subverts social peace by the proliferation of rival dependencies.

Back to Hillary…What Hillary means, and had either the courage or stupidity to say so plainly, is that she intends to punish success, that she intends to make people who are productive and profitable responsible for those who aren’t. Hillary is the perfect modern representative of the government in Atlas Shrugged which, through their insistence that the talented and entrepreneurial members of society had an obligation to serve those who weren’t, destroyed the economy and the nation by removing all incentive for the productive people to actually produce anything.

How many jobs does Hillary think will be created by entrepreneurs whose reward for taking risk and succeeding will be to have to give away that hard-earned wealth to people whose only claim on it is that they don’t have the talent or work ethic to do it themselves.

Hillary’s goals for the United States are truly horrifying. They are completely anti-American, anti-freedom, and anti-prosperity.

We should remind the voting public repeatedly until election day that a vote for Hillary (or the at-least-equally leftist Obama or Edwards) is a stab at the heart of our great nation. Americans are rightfully not happy with the GOP at this time, but that does not mean they will commit national suicide once the ballots are in their hands.

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