I like C.N.N but Wolf & company tend to dam Senator Clinton with the faintest of praise. While reminding me of middle aged housewives. Watching a portly Elvis waddle on to a Vegas stage when ever Barrack is cued on the video feed.

Fair enough, I and the Republic win no matter which of the two are wheels down on the Denver tarmac and delegate heavy next August. We democrats however have rules the bystanders are encouraged to observe. If you please while the combatants slug it out. Unless you have dog in the fight. We thank you in advance for keeping your yap shut about who you think should win, while we encourage our favorite on.

Of course If I didnt respect the otherwise commendable and balanced group of anchors and hosts. I wouldn’t bother to point out the flush in their cheeks. When they discourse on the Senator from Illinois. 

The vote in Florida according to the folks on all the cable feeds. Was pretty much meaningless as regards the Democratic contenders.

I imagine my fellow democrats and moderate republicans I hope to convert by November who call Florida home. Do not feel the record turn they can take pride in was quite so insignificant and lacking in purpose. Wolf and the crew at C.N.N seem to insists that is the case.

In fact if Senator Obama manages to stagger back to his feet. After the thumping in store for him come Super Tuesday. It may just be, that time the folks in florida set aside last night. To make sure their voice was heard. Will echo all the way to Denver. A worthy contender he has been. I would only hope after the knock down on the fifth, he might have sense enough to think ahead. How much better a president he could be with a couple terms as veep to sharpen his political skills.

But its up to him, some like Senator Edwards would rather give all or nought. And if he continues on after its apparent the match is between Clinton and McCain. You must respect them for it.

Come the convention however, the I could have have been speeches are given long after folks watching TV have gone to bed.

I also observe Candidate Obama for all his Charisma is matriculating a little too much of the famous Kennedy lace Irish snobbery, when it comes to acknowledging your opponent knocked you on your ass during the last play.

For all their splendid accomplishments and contributions. Those who write books about the Kennedy’s leave the very distinct impression. they were never the type of Irish to offer much of a hand of congratulations. When they lost a contest, even if it were simply a pick up foot ball game on the weekend.

I remember the effect it had years back when the late Ann Richards was campaigning for Governor of Texas. she offered a cordial hand to her opponent and he turned away. “No I will not shake your hand” he said. We remember Ann Richard but the fellows name escapes me and he was ahead in the polls till that incident.

Senator Obama is running a campaign of change. In a time when the incumbent President has steered the ship of state. On to a sandbar in hostile waters. Preaching Ronald Reagan’s theme of its morning in America. May inspire people but its akin to having the band set up on the deck of the Titanic. To serenade and distract the passengers while the ship begins to sink. We need a seasoned and more capable leader at the helm. Its just that simple.

On the Republican side, Governor Romney lost more then Florida. His remarks the last few days will cost him what little chance he might have had to demand a place on Senator McCain’s short list for the second spot. 

I can think of no finer or honorable man then John McCain. To stand at the wheel as the Grand old party sinks beneath the turbulent sea of voter discontent. While he doesn’t have a chance of wining. If he runs his campaign well he can Deny the democrats a veto proof majority in the congress. And save several states houses for his party. Which would be an awesome accomplishment. Considering he is the last relevant political figure of the fading memory that was the cold war era.

That Giuliani is going to bring the curtain down on a campaign he ran much like he ran New York. And endorse the Senator in California today. May help Romney in his manic rush to fritter away a fortune made as a corporate raider. With “Americas Mayor” out of it Romney will draw a few more votes. Which will be justification enough to waste more of his own money to buy the right to be someone who once ran for President. 

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