Sorry, but there’s no other way to put this: Who the hell does Hillary Rodham Clinton think she is? In several newspapers this weekend, notably The Washington Post, Hillary was quoted as saying any mention of the 1998 impeachment of Bill Clinton and his ongoing affair with Monica Lewinsky is off limits – and she virtually dared any of the presidential candidates to mention it.

Her campaign adviser, Howard Wolfson also chimed in, saying anyone making references to the Lewinsky affair would be “hitting under the belt,” an unfortunate anatomical reference. Some of the other candidates’ spokesmen wondered (privately) why all of Bill Clinton’s behavior wouldn’t be fair game, since Hillary has been selectively picking and choosing the wonderful things she and Bill did for the public while together in the White House.

Some might call this the “Godfather school of politics” – you bring up certain indiscretions and the Clinton mafia will see to it that you pay a heavy price. Just exactly what they are in a position to do to their enemies isn’t clear. For example, Hollywood mogul David Geffen trashed the Clintons just last week, calling them liars and saying Hillary was unelectable. So far, Geffen has not been found floating in any of the Pacific inlets.

Clinton attack dog James Carville said that mentioning the impeachment or the Lewinsky incidents would be “tantamount to political suicide.” There’s that death image again. Yet how? What weapon of mass destruction do the Clintons have that would vaporize any critic of national standing who trash talks the Clintons? In a recent interview, Senator Barack Obama made a veiled reference to Bill Clinton’s dalliances with Monica Lewinsky, saying Clinton was “trapped by his own biography.”

When the Clinton-Lewinsky sexual scandal surfaces again – as surely it will – there will be a whole new audience who probably has never seen the full details of the relationship, or any of the other “bimbo eruptions.” After all, that was eleven years ago, and a person reaching adulthood today, and now finding the encounters “interesting,” would have been only seven years old then. To make the story even more colorful, what was only alluded to during the legal proceedings, has since been confirmed. So you can bet your bippy that Fox News and several hundred thousand cable channels are going to resurrect this world-class story big time…along with computer-generated graphics…and I mean graphics!

Which brings us to our original question: who does Hillary Rodham Clinton think she is, along with the current baggage handlers that surround her? Is some candidate or candidate’s supporter who disinters some of the Clintons’ smarmy past going to find himself/herself floating in the Tidal Basin or dumped from the George Washington Parkway? If we’re really dealing with the Sopranos, let’s see some of that weaponry. Otherwise, give it a rest.

– Chase.Hamil

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