Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, the radical president of Iran who regularly threatens to nuke Israel and other representatives of Satan, is planning to visit New York, using the UN as an excuse. So Jewish groups, who don’t especially want their relatives in Israel to be nuked by a madman, are holding a protest.

Hillary Clinton, the Senator from New York, was invited, and planned to attend the September 22 protest.

But last week, when Sarah Palin was invited, Clinton’s advisors said she would not be attending, because she didn’t know it was a “partisan political” event.

Ah, but it isn’t a partisan political event (except that maybe people of both political parties don’t like bigots who threaten genocide).

If both McCain and Obama can appear together to commemorate those killed by radicals (Sunni radicals of Alquada funded by the Saudis), can’t Hillary allow a Republican to join her to protest someone who might do worse? (a Shiite radical who actually might be able to control a nuke in the near future)…

If you don’t want to make it partisan,  just arrange Rudy Guilliani and Ed Koch to join the protest.

Protesting someone who threatens genocide is not a political event…and could send the message that nuking Tel Aviv might result in problems in Tehran…no matter who wins the election. Sometimes a clear warning of retaliation will stop aggression a lot more than negotiating “peace in our time”.

I personally hope this can be settled, since I have friends from both countries.


Nancy Reyes is a retired physician living in the rural Philippines. She writes on human rights in Africa at Makaipa blog.

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