Margaret Carlson has an article titled: “Democratic Debate Proves You Can Hit a Girl”…and after the Democratic debate (which I obviously didn’t watch) the Democratic party released a video full of clips of all the candidates attacking Mrs. Clinton, entitled “The Politics of Pile-on”.

What’s wrong with this picture?

Well, we’re supposed to be considering who should be president. If Mrs. Clinton can’t face Tim Russert, why does she think she’s strong enough to face the Mullahs or Putin?

The last great female leader of the world was Margaret Thatcher.

Her nickname was “Thatcher Milk Snatcher”, alluding to a time when she cut subsidies for children’s free milk.

No one in their right mind would ever make an issue about Mrs. Thatcher baking cookies. Unthinkable. Yet Hillary’s claim that as a working mother she didn’t have time to bake a lot of cookies was considered a mistake, so she has since had to pretend she was a housewife, since as first Lady she was after all not supposed to be doing active politics.

But a President is different. The world out there is about power, not chivalry, and the main enemy of the US are Islamofascists who assume women are inferior to men, need to cover up, and obey their husbands.

When Bush the father wanted to goad Saddam into invading Kuwait, he sent a female embassador to politely tell Saddam it might not be a good idea to invade. Saddam, seeing a passive female, misread the message as weakness on the part of the US, and invaded, starting the first Gulf war. There is a good argument that if Bush the father had sent Dick Cheyney to say: Invade and you are toast. that Saddam would have gotten the message and the Iraqi quagmire would never have occurred.

Similarly, if a woman who uses the excuse “stop hitting me I’m a poor woman” during the campaign, she will be perceived as a weak woman also, and invite attacks by the clueless. Undoubtably they will find her as strong as Queen Bess who similarly was misunderestimated by the Spanish who sent an Armada, but in a world of atomic bombs, wouldn’t it be better to send the message before someone thinks they can get away with it, not afterwards?

So if Mrs. Clinton is attacked, the best defense is not to become shrill and cry that she was attacked by big mean men who hate her. Nor should she get shrill and loud and attack them back.

Stop being a “girl” and become a woman.

Stand up, look ’em in the eye and answer in a way that makes people know you can be a bit dangerous, and they don’t really want to make you mad…

Can you do this while being pretty and feminine?

I don’t know. Mrs. Arroyo is pretty and feminine all the time, but everyone here knows she is able to play hard ball. Maybe you should take lessons from her.


Nancy Reyes is a retired physician living in the rural Philippines. Her website is Finest Kind Clinic and Fishmarket.

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