I am old enough to remember when women were exiled into specific specialties in medicine (quick: how many women Urologists do you know), and a similar problem was seen in college (few women in my advanced science classes) and in the newspaper (where women often were expected to write fluffy reports for the fashion and society pages). This was called the “Pink Ghetto”, and many of us are happy that few younger women face the obstacles that their grandmothers did.

The presence of a highly educated professors such as Madeline Albright and Condolesca Rice as Secratary of State showed the world that a women could hold their own in the highest eschalons of world power.

So, in a world where there are growing problems in the Arab world, Libya, Iran, Pakistan, Afghanistan, and a growing threat by China against the Philippines and Viet Nam in the South China sea, where is our lovely Secretary of State?

In Vilnius (that’s in Lithuania, folks), telling a minor conference that

“The great struggle of the 21st century is to ensure that women are fully given the rights they have as human beings, in their families, in their societies and in the world,” she said.

Although the conference was an intergovernmental organization called ” Community of Democracies” who is supposed to work for

“collaborate on democracy-related issues in existing international and regional institutions, forming coalitions and caucuses to support resolutions and other international activities aimed at the promotion of democratic governance.”[4]

in reality, however, they are a movement of the elites who have had little scrutiny on what they are doing.

One must note that several presidents of these small Baltic countries were quoted as saying that quotas should be used to help women get power in governments.

Quota systems are being pushed as letting women represent women’s issues. But what it means, of course, is that well educated feminists (often from upper middle class families with a Western liberal education) who network with each other will chose their friends to get appointed and get more power (e.g. our lovely ex president Gloria). The dirty little secret is that a working class married woman like Sarah Palin or Michelle Bachman isn’t the type of woman that they have in mind.

All of this is well and good, but why are we wasting the talents and skills of the Secretary of State for such trivia as women’s issues? Doesn’t the State Department have an undersecretary to do this?

There are two possible answers, and I’m not sure which I prefer: One is that the US is going to use their power to push a progressive sexual agenda on the world (without the average American knowing about it).

The second possibility is that President Obama is afraid of that Hillary Clinton might run against him in 2012, so is busy marginalizing her to the “pink ghetto”.

This isn’t the only time that Hilary haspushed liberal women’s issues at minor conferences instead of attending to the affairs of state.

Today, with war breaking out in North Africa, the Middle East, Pakistan, and the China sea, where is our Sec’t of State taking care of business? She’s visiting the hotspot of the world,( Hungary !) and lecturing them about “civil issues” (read get rid of their strict anti abortion law and add a “gay rights” amendment to their constitution).

and gets a lecture from their president about priorities:

“Indebtedness, whether of households or entire countries, clearly limits freedoms,” Orban said. He borrowed the words of President John Adams, who said there are two ways to conquer and enslave a nation — by the sword and by debt.

Why, yes. With the world economic system threatening collapse, maybe someone from the State Department needs to discuss this in Europe. But that someone isn’t Hillary.

It doesn’t stop there, of course. (photo Manila Bulletin)

Yup, on the first page of the Manila Bulletin, we see a photo of Hillary presenting a placque to a Zamboanga prosecutor who worked against “human trafficking”.

Well, who is actually FOR human traficking? (except for pimps and johns, that is).

All well and good, but is presenting trivial awards in the job description of the Secretary of State?

Awhile back, she was also busy pushing “women’s rights” in a speech to the African Union.

“The women of Africa are the hardest working women in the world,” said Clinton, addressing the 53-nation body in Addis Ababa on June 13… she exclaimed: “If all the women in Africa, from Cairo to Cape Town, decided they would stop working for a week, the economies of Africa would collapse.”

Yes, Hillary has read Lysistrata.

If African women were given equal access as men to vocational training and technology, the continent’s economy would expand by at least 40 percent, according Calestous Juma, a professor of international development at Harvard University’s John F. Kennedy School of Government in Cambridge, Massachusetts.

Yes, but actually corruption and tribalism and infectious diseases and the lack of a “green revolution” and severe poverty are actually much bigger problems than equal access to vocational training for women, whose families are so poor they often keep the girls out of school to help with the chores.  Indeed, the lack of decent education  is a problem for all children, and the lack of good vocational training is a real problem if industries want to hire skilled workers (too many African schools stress liberal arts rather than practical schooling).

A lot of Africans resented her lecturing down to  them like a school teacher telling them to abandon support of Gadaffy because his soldiers raped women.

How naive.

Ghadafi has been a big supporter of the African Union, and given a lot of aid money to various countries. ( including rumors that some leaders have accepted bribes gifts from him). Colonialism is still remembered in Africa, and seeing the West support the overthrow of an African dictator government resemble neocolonialsm at it’s worse.

Another factor is that some countries see photos of the opponants of Ghadafi killing Africans. (Many of his soldiers are African mercenaries, and many of the anti Ghadafi forces have killed innocent civilian African farmworkers in retaliation for this).

Like last year’s speeches to African leaders discussing the high incidence of rape in war zones in that continent, it shows a strange preoccupation with a limited feminist agenda: ignore the five million dead of violence and disease and concentrate on the 200 thousand rapes instead….

Never mind the corruption caused by US/European mining companies that help fund the war and war lords who are behind the conflict, and lecture those who are trying to run their countries as if they had control of what was going on.

Then there is this strange story: that Hillary and the US State Department promoted Lady Gaga to appear in a Rome Gay Pride parade.

Secretary of State Hillary Clinton said on Monday that the State Department played an instrumental role in “sealing the deal” for pop-rock star Lady Gaga to perform at a gay pride rally in Rome, Italy.

Now, I like Lady Gaga’s music as much as any Filipino, but why should the US State Department get involved with sending her anywhere? Yes, the State Department arranged tours by US musicians

As Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton emphasized in an interview with CBS Sunday Morning on July 4, music can be a valuable means to convey American values and build bridges between the United States and people around the globe. (Italics mine)

So remember folks: Lady Gaga, conveying American Values to those poor folks in Italy who don’t get MTV…with the help of your tax dollars.Of course, it was a “twofor“: allowing President Obama to get gay votes and dissing the Pope at the same time.

Why diss the Pope? Because Catholics in the US won’t learn about it, or if they do, they won’t be upset enough to vote for those nasty Republicans, so who cares? And the Pope has a seat in the UN, and so can oppose what it sees as an immoral agenda being pushed by that organization.

One Catholic human rights organization points out how the US State department is pushing the gay agenda on other countries.

Clinton said the State Department was also involved in advocating LGBT rights in Honduras, Uganda, Malawi, Russia, Turkey, China and other places.

She noted the United States’ “major effort” at the Human Rights Council in Geneva to support a statement in ending violence and criminalization based on “sexual orientation and gender identity.” The United States’ Bureau for Western Affairs and its permanent mission to the Organization of American States helped create a special rapporteur for LGBT rights within the Inter-American Commission for Human Rights.

Ruse said such advocacy is not simply about stopping violence against gays.

“They are intent on forcing homosexual marriage and homosexual adoption on countries that are offended by such things. They are intent on forcing sexual orientation and gender identity as new categories of non-discrimination that will trump the rights of religious believers.

Yes, we in the Philippines are aware of this, because Hillary was congratulating the Philippines for fighting human trafficking, she was also pressuring the new Aquino government to pass the “Reproductive Health” bill. From the Philippine Star:

Perhaps the reason why Sec. Clinton gave the Aquino administration a special mention in the Global Trafficking report is due to the fact that things have began to move faster under the Aquino administration . . . plus the fact that President Aquino himself embraced Sec. Clinton’s call for the Philippines to come up with a Reproductive Health (RH) Bill, which is why P-Noy got a $454 million for his Millennium Development Goals…

While I consider Sec. Clinton my hero in the fight against Global Human Trafficking, I am totally against her call for the Philippines to embrace an RH Bill because we know too well it ends up in abortion, just like the way it has now ended in the United States… While abortion rights may be in the interest of the United States, we Filipinos abhor the killing of the unborn.

So there you have it.

A Secretary of State who is busy pushing a radical agenda of women’s rights, gay rights, abortion, and contraception, but who has no power or say in what most of us consider the State Department’s work, that of diplomacy and stopping war.


Nancy Reyes is a retired physician living in the rural Philippines.

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