New York Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton is leading the candidates for the Democratic nomination for president. But some question her electability. According to reports, Clinton has begun interviewing potential campaign staff members. A story in the New York Post says Clinton began the process yesterday by meeting with New York Gov.-elect Eliot Spitzer, a Democrat, to discuss such potential staffers.


Other Democrats who have discussed a presidential bid are Iowa Gov. Tom Vilsack, New Mexico Gov. Bill Richardson, and more well-known candidates such as Massachusetts Sen. John Kerry, who ran for President in 2004; former North Carolina Sen. John Edwards, who was Kerry’s running-mate; and Illinois Sen. Barack Obama.


According to, downsides to Clinton’s candidacy include remaining rooted to her eight-year role as First Lady, possibly being too liberal and how she would fare as the nation’s first female President. Some Democrats, including the former chairman of the South Carolina Democratic Party, say the odds are against Clinton. Dick Harpootlian says, “She’s a senator, she’d be the first woman running, and she’s Hillary Clinton. All of that is almost insurmountable for a general election. There are people who would write a check and die for her, but there are plenty of others who wouldn’t vote for her if she promised to eliminate the income tax and give free ice cream to everyone. People have made up their minds about her, and that doesn’t give her much room to maneuver.” 


A source close to Clinton says a decision regarding whether to run and file papers with the Federal Election Commission should be made within the next month. Staff members say the question of whether or not she can win is one of the deciding factors.


Republicans who have announced their intentions to run for their party’s nomination include Arizona Sen. John McCain, former New York Mayor Rudy Guiliani, California Rep. Duncan Hunter and Tommy Thompson, who lead the Department of Health and Human Services during President George W. Bush’s first term.

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