In previous posts I have prognosticated that the Presidential race will come down to Clinton and McCain.

The stunning upset victory in New Hampshire’s democratic primary by senator Hillary Clinton is beyond my wildest expectation. The resurgence of John McCain while anticipated is none the less a welcome sign that responsible members of the grand old party are beginning to wrestle from the grasp of lunatics the ideology that gave the republic Lincoln and Eisenhower.

My preoccupation with politics all but distracted me from the “news” that Dr Phil the Jerry Springer of pop psychology attempted to exploit Brittany Spears by barging into her hospital room and faced instant feed back from his peers in the profession. 

“DOCTOR” Phil’s reaction to growing condemnation that he is little more then a predatory egotist by the mental health community was predictable, He announced he had decided it would be “inappropriate” to air his ambush intervention.   

The polls and the prophets who twelve hours past were proclaiming Hillary a lost cause. Waited till Senator Obama conceded before facing the audiences to confess that perhaps they may have gotten it wrong after all. 

Senator McCain who is unable to comb his own hair because of injuries suffered as a pow was considered too old and out of touch with those same “experts”. The ones who insist on telling the American people who they intend to elect months before they vote.

While I hope our gal or guy wins by a LANDSLIDE we could and have these last eight years, suffered a whole lots worse then a President John McCain.

Mitt Romney insists he intends to carry on despite having spent so much of his own money to garner very disappointing numbers in both Iowa and New Hampshire. John Edwards needs to win and win big in south Carolina if he hopes to remain a viable candidate. 

The neoconservatives anointed savior, Mike Huckabee sounded every bit the down home I’m just regular folk we have come to expect from people who think the earth was created a few thousand years ago at 9 am eastern standard time.

While I have always despised the apostate shepherds of the evangelical flock, you have to admire the tenacity of the rank and file disciples. They get the vote out and because of it, he may just make it to super Tuesday.

Ron Paul who won the lottery when it comes to Internet donations is beginning to show the strain a campaign will have on those who we use to politely call “stark raving nervous” in the old days.

The big losers were Governor Richardson and Rudy Giuliani, they say some fella named Fred Thompson is also a republican candidate but that’s just a rumor really.

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