A Closer Look at the Clinton Campaign Claims of “Experience”

Just What is on the Clinton Resume

Part Two of the Hillary Clinton ‘Experience’

Patrick Healy in the New York Times has written a terrific piece on Hillary Clinton’s “experience” as Bill Clinton’s wife during his two terms as President.

Titled Resume Factor: Those 8 Years as First Lady, Healy writes how Hillary had extensive travel time abroad, meeting with heads of state and other illuminaries. According to Hillary travel time translates into a someone who has the necessary qualifications to handle matters of national security as our next President.

Healy wrote that while Hillary did indeed have facetime with these people during her 8 years as First Lady she was never issued a security clearance. She never attended National Security Council Meetings nor was she ever given a copy of the President’s daily intelligence briefing.

Since Hillary has insisted that her “experience” as First Lady should be part of her “resume” for considering her fit to be the next President, we decided to point out a few of Hillary’s ‘bona fide’ experiences as First Lady.

There are five parts of Hillary Clinton’s resume that bear close scrutiny. The parts that interested DBKP in particular were:

* Hillary Healthcare

* Travelgate

* “Factually” False Vs. “Knowingly” False

* Pardongate: Hillary’s Clan

* Less Than Six Degrees of Separation

* Lincoln’s Bedroom: Hillary’s Hotel for Campaign Bucks 

Read rest of story:

The Hillary Clinton Resume: Eight Years with Bill ‘Good Enough’ 


The Hillary Clinton Resume: Eight Years with Bill ‘Good Enough’

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