Hillary Clinton, Given Up for Dead by Pundits a Few Days, Makes Amazing Comeback

Was this Foretold?

What the Astrologers Have to Say About Clinton’s Chances

From several astrologers we’ve put together a compilation of different astrological “readings” and forecasts for Hillary Clinton.

Astrology has been in existence since before astronomy. Both Copernicus and Galileo were astrologers. We wanted to see if the astrologers found any “signs” that Hillary might be our next 2008 President or if something in her chart may have an “adverse” effect. Whether Hillary’s planets, trines, squares, or rising sign, ect., match up to the Hillary we know.

Hillary Clinton – Scorpio

Jeff Jawer:

Competence, not cuddliness, is Hillary’s strength. Her Mercury squares serious Saturn, indicating a steel trap mind that carefully calculates every statement before speaking. This mental power is helpful for analyzing and solving difficult problems, but reduces spontaneity.

Venus, the planet of love, is also square Saturn in her chart, representing a romantic pattern based more on security than stimulation. And even though her Mars, the planet of action, is in outgoing Leo (Bill’s Sun sign), its close conjunction with controlling Pluto and Saturn buries its youthful exuberance under the weight of responsibility and self-control.

The proximity of punishing Pluto and Saturn to Mars often can leave her feeling that there is no room for mistakes, adding to an image of rigidity.

Still, Hillary’s Pisces Moon forms a harmonious 120-degree trine with generous Jupiter, reflecting idealism and optimism flowing through the seams of her tightly monitored personality. The irony may be that her biggest mistake in courting voters is her unwillingness to reveal more of herself.

Did any of the astro-gurus predict Hillary’s stunning New Hampshire comeback?

What do they have to say about her chances for the presidency?

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Hillary Clinton: Does Asrology Predict a Presidential Win?


Hillary Clinton: Does Asrology Predict a Presidential Win?

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