Russian Newspaper, Pravda, has been sending Hillary Clinton Questions for Two Years

They still haven’t Gotten Any Answers

They were so miffed, They Published an Editorial on the Matter a few weeks ago 

What were their Twelve Questions that the Senator Wouldn’t Answer? 

Pravda’s peeved.

The Russian newspaper, once eagerly read by the CIA for hints about the USSR’s Communist leadership, sent the junior senator from New York twelve questions.

They never received any answers.

In fact, they still haven’t received a dah or nyet.

The paper was so peeved it published an editorial a several weeks ago taking Hillary Clinton to task for not even responding to their request a few years back for some answers.

Two years ago, the office of Senator Hillary Clinton was contacted with a polite message requesting an interview. A standard anonymous answer followed. Despite repeated contacts during the election campaign, not even a message of recognition was received, contrary to all the other political parties in the USA, including the office of Vice President Richard (Dick) Cheney. Here are the questions that Hillary Clinton did not answer:

Even Dick Cheney!

Although the Russian newspaper started sending their queries a few years ago, they must have added to their list since then, as the last couple questions pertain to Barack Obama’s campaign, which wasn’t announced until little over a year ago.

What were the questions that Clinton didn’t even acknowledge?

Pravda published them on February 3 2008 along with a couple snide–some would say accurate–observations.What were the twelve questions Clinton declined to decline to answer?

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The Twelve Questions Hillary Clinton Wouldn’t Answer 


The Twelve Questions Hillary Clinton Wouldn’t Answer

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