Clinton Too Crass for Cash?

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What Assets Can a First Lady Rightfully Use? 

Of all the scandals that swirled around the two terms served by President Bill Clinton and his wife Hillary none was so crass as the revelation that Bill and Hillary had been allowing “sleepovers” in Lincoln’s Bedroom in exchange for millions of dollars in campaign contributions.

For two straight days President Clinton denied there was any improper use of the Lincoln Bedroom and other White House functions in raising campaign funds for his 1996 re-election campaign. Jim Lehrer leads a discussion with Ann Lewis, assistant to the President, and White House Deputy Director of Communications, and three regional commentators who disagree with the President’s view. [1]

ROBERT KITTLE, San Diego Union-Tribune: I’m sorry. I just don’t buy it, and I don’t buy it because we have it in the President’s own handwriting in the documents that were released by the White House this week the evidence that he was encouraging these overnights in the White House, these sleep-overs in the White House for money. It was in connection with the memo that suggested how much could be raised by inviting guests to the White House. The President said in his own handwriting, please give me the list of the top ten contributors and those who can give $50 or $100,000. And he said let’s begin the overnights right away. [1]

Having over 851 “Friends” For a Sleep-over

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Hillary Clinton: Too Crass for Cash? 


Hillary Clinton: Too Crass for Cash?

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