In what I consider to be one of the classic moments of the ‘yet to be announced’ run for another stay in the worlds most exclusive hotel, AKA The White House, Hillary Clinton would seem to be poised.

The opinion polls show her as a strong contender, should she throw her hat into the 2016 presidential arena.

With most US voters completely fed up with both the GOP and the Dems we seem to be in a situation where you vote for the team that will probably inflict less damage on the country.

Today Hillary was a keynote speaker at the National Automobile Dealers Association yearly boondoggle. Quite why a bunch of Car Salesmen need a conference is mind boggling to begin with, no doubt they share secrets about how to sell buyers on optional extras, minor things like wheels and seats!

I have no problem with folks holding conferences about subjects close to their hearts. Sharing information is always a great way for industries to find common goals and rather than bicker, co-operate.

This concept alas seems to be missing in Washington DC. I seriously doubt that the House could agree on the brand of toilet paper in the bathrooms, never mind the menu in the cafeteria. I have little use for either party.

Hillary though, summed it all up so well, by attending this conference.




It is indeed all ‘nada’ to us in the trenches trying to make a living. Nada, is what we have come to expect from our elected and would be officials.

Merriam-Websters merely has this to say on the word nada – Nothing. And to demonstrate its use; It won’t cost you anything—zero, nothing, nada.

Is ‘nada’ the new way in Washington DC?

Simon Barrett

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