Hill and Bill turn out the lights in their separate bedrooms, and the phone rings at 3 a.m. – again. This time the crisis is economic, home foreclosures mounting markets teetering. And even though the banks are closed and the NYSE won’t open for another 6½ hours, Hillary answers the phone. But wait – it’s John McCain on the other end telling her that she and Barack Obama won’t solve the problem by raising The Stiletto’s taxes and taking more money out of her pocket. The better plan, he says, is to grow jobs, grow our economy, not grow Washington.    

Then McCain tells her to go back to bed, but she confesses she’s been tossing and turning because her campaign can’t make ends meet: She’s in debt up to her ear holes, has to juggle creditors and can’t even pay her health insurance premiums!

Which is why earlier that day a reporter asked: “What moment in Clinton’s past had demonstrated her capacity to handle the kind of urgent economic crisis she depicts in the ad?” The Boston Globe reports that her communications director, Howard Wolfson, responded: “It’s not a single moment, because unless you’re president you don’t have a single moment like that. It is a lifetime of experience, understanding, knowledge, and background in the issues that allows you to make the kind of good decisions that a president will need to make when getting a call at 3 a.m.”

Yeah, right.

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