There is a joke in the “right wing” blogosphere that Hillary Clinton will become the strongest war president in the history of the USA. You see, many on the right know history, and see that the Islamofascist movement wants to restore the Caliphate, which is no new news to those of us living in Asia who have been on the front line of the fight to assimilate our Muslim population into a multi religion country. (And by Asia, I mean the two most populous Islamic countries, i.e. Indonesia and India, and those with large Muslim enclaves, such as Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand and the Philippines).

But in her vote yesterday to stop funding the troops, she has shown moral cowardice.

Senator Clinton knows the pre 911 intelligence data, and knows that a lot of the anti Bush mantra of the radical left over WMD is wrong. She also knows that her husband would have responded in the same way to being attacked on 9-11, including extending the war to Iraq– with the possible difference in that Clinton would have brought more allies to the table.

By caving in to a rabid anti war movement on the left, she is opening herself to losing what has been called in the past the “Reagan Democrats”, aka Blue Dog Democrats. These are the moderate democrats, often blue collar, who predominate among the ethinc votes in the cities and suburbs and also among the populist farmer/blue collar workers in the rural Midwest.

The fact that 17 Democrats joined the Republicans to oppose the bill in the Senate shows that these Senators know this, and are willing to oppose the leadership of the Senate on this issue. Indeed, by her vote, she is abandoning the centerist position that led to the election of her husband.
Indeed, since the “Democratic majority” of the last election is mainly due to the selection of these centerist Democrats, going along with the “base” of the party to win primary elections might be good strategy in the short term, but will lose her the election in the long term, especially if she faces Guilliani (an ethnic moderate Republican).


Nancy Reyes is a retired physician living in the rural Philippines. She is a registered Democrat. Her webpage is Finest Kind Clinic and Fishmarket

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