By Honey Gillard

MISS Hilary Duff can pull out the champagne as her new release ‘Dignity’ becomes this week’s highest selling debut of the Nielsen’s Soundscan chart.

Dignity marks the first album Hilary Duff officially wrote. The album sports a new musical style for the Duffster, as well as a more mature look.

The spunky Cd was released April 3 on Disney’s Hollywood Records.

Chairman of Disney’s Hollywood Records, Bob Cavallo, remarked, “Hilary delivered on this record. It reflects her growth as a career artist.”

“She worked tirelessly with the whole Hollywood Records staff to market this record, and today’s chart debut is a testament to that.”

With the release of “Dignity” there have been many number ones; from “With Love” (which was also used for her perfume ‘With Love’ commercial) being the #1 most added song at Top 40 Radio and with it coming in at multiple number one slots on MTV’s TRL.

Hilary is currently in production of her new film, starring John Cusack, War, Inc.

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Sources: Starpulse

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