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By Honey Gillard

Hilary once acclaimed alongside her sister that her “Lips were sealed” but in a recent interview with Top Of The Pops Magazine the 19-year old has revealed that the sister’s shared some sibling rivalry, which lead to her playing cruel tricks on her sister Haylie.

The ‘Dignity’ singer revealed that she fought constantly with her older actress sister and would play cruel tricks on her which included freezing her underwear.

“If Haylie had friends over to stay when we were little and they left me out I’d freeze their underwear!” The young Duffster accounted.

“I’d wet the knickers, put them in the freezer and snap them to ruin them.”

But no deed went unpunished.

Duff continued: “Whatever I did, Haylie always got me back. Older siblings know how to be good fighters – when you’re younger you just hit back.”

“I’m sure there were a couple of flying hairbrushes.”

Hilary added: “When Haylie and I were really young and we played games together – she’d always make me pretend to be a boy because I had short hair. I hated it!”

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Source: thesun.co.uk

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