The teen pop princess is all grown up and getting ready to release her 4th album, titled Dignity, which is due out in April.

Hilary was recently on ‘KIIS FIM’ and spoke about her new album ‘Dignity’. Here’s how it went down:

On the music: “The record is really like a dance record. I did the record when I was having things with my family and was with someone and then not with someone so it is very personal.”

On the title of the album: “Well i wrote a song, it was one of the last song’s i wrote for the record, it’s called ‘Wheres you dignity?” Dignity is something you just don’t have. It’s something that you have to work on. I feel like I have it a little. The album is so personal. It feel like it just fits— it’s something that I’ve always hope to have and strive to have.”

On the most personal/emotional topic in the album: “There’s a lot of stuff. There’s a song called ‘Happy’ and because the album is really like a dance record, ‘Happy’ is the only sort of mellow, acoustic track on there.

Hilary has one last song to record called ‘Gypsy Girl’, which is  a song about the ‘other girl’. Could it be about Joel and Nicole??

Hilary has also world premiered her song ‘With love’, which is featured in her perfume, by the same name’s, commercial.

You can catch the full interview here.

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