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IN her latest film ‘War Inc.’, Hilary Duff is set to surprise you and show you that there is more to the young star than meets the eye.

In amidst her publicity tour for the political satire – opposite Hollywood’s John Cusack – the Duffstar has taken time out to talk to magazine ‘L.A. Confidential‘ about the movie and her extraordinary character.

When you think of a political satire movie revolving around war, Hilary Duff is not an image that comes to mind – even after much pondering. This is why Hilary Duff says she chose this particular role.

“I think [surprise] is going to be a lot of people’s reaction…. Not really knowing what they’re getting into. It’s definitely interesting and creative.” Reveals Duff.

“When I read the script I knew I was ready for it. So I was really excited. Then it all sets in: Oh God, I have to have this foul mouth, be this rude and crude girl who tries to be sexy but she’s so young and kind of vulgar. ”

‘In War, Inc., she sexes things up and even manages to channel the guys from Jackass.’ Reports L.A Confidential.

In the film, Duff plays potty-mouthed Eastern European pop star Yonica Babiak. A character who is quite different to Duff herself; who is still seen by many as the little girl she shot to fame as, despite being now 20.

“I got to play a character far away from who I am in my real life. I got to be a little bit of a bad girl for a change.”

“In my personal life I’m not this crazy girl that gets all this tabloid attention, and the attention that I do get, it’s because I want it. I don’t try to go places to be photographed and stuff like that. I think I am kind of a good girl.”

Though Duff has came out reporting that she wants to change the way she is seen; wanting to be seen as the adult she is, not the little girl she was, Duff says she doesn’t want to lose her fans.

“I want my fans to still be there, and I do things for them. But I also want to grow, and for people to see me in a different way. I need to make myself happy. It’s a challenge.” She claims.

And as for the channel jack-ass stunt, Duff confirmed that she did in fact stuff a real-live scorpion down her pants.

“I really did. It was so scary. ”

“I grew up in Texas, and we had plenty of scorpions, but I never had to put one down my pants before. And my pants weren’t that baggy, so I couldn’t get any space. I did it a couple times with it going down my leg and it was terrifying. The little thing kept doing backbends because it obviously didn’t want to go in my pants, you know? Everyone on the set was cheering!”

War Inc. is set for limited release May 23.

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Source: Just Jared

L.A Confidential

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