By Honey Gillard

Pop singer/actress HILARY DUFF has revealed in a recent interview with ‘Cosmo Girl’ that she was too skinny.

Duff is the face of this month’s issue of the teen mag. The multifaceted teen sports a happy and healthy look on the cover.

“I have the same insecurities about my body that every girl has and I made a conscious choice to get in shape.”

“I’ve always been a junk food eater, but I started paying more attention to what I put in my body and cut out foods like pizza, chicken fingers, and French fries.”

The So Yesterday singer stunned fans late last year when she appeared at a series of parties and launches looking frail and skinny.

Duff, 19, admitted that she was so impressed with the results of her ‘dessert or bread’ diet that she went crazy and ultimately lost too much weight.

“If I knew I’d want dessert one night, I wouldn’t have bread that day. If I wanted to eat bread, I wouldn’t have dessert. Seeing how well it worked motivated me to keep going, but I hit a period when I got too skinny.”

The backlash that came from her significant weight loss made Duff take a long hard look at herself in the mirror – and she didn’t like what she saw.

“I wasn’t too obsessed with it, but I did learn that there have to be days when you just don’t think about it.”

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Sources: Popsugar

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