“Mindless, brainless and tasteless” and therefore right up the alley for most fanatical and therefore irate smokers out there who feel persecuted by the latest and first real anti-smoking law ever to be introduced in Germany, a web site is offering a T-shirt using, now get this, a yellow Star of David to compare the treatment of smokers in Germany to that of Jews during Nazi rule.

Well-known for their zany, offbeat humor, and being natural, vocal victims in every conceivable circumstance in which practically nothing is asked of them (and of course practically nothing ever is), Germans everywhere are wetting their pants in hilarity at the stunt.

“Get it?” asked one knee-slapping, smoking slob. “By exploiting the murder of Jews in order to symbolize my desire to smoke, that’s, well, simply too funny for words. So that’s why they used the star instead. See?”

Certain humorless groups and other easily-offended types are said to have found the T-shirt action less then humorous and offensive, but that is only to be expected in this humorless and rather offensive age of ours in which we live, but hey, it’s a living.

That anti-anti-smoking T-shirt is a real gas.

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