Before his speech at the Iowa straw poll today, Ron Paul was greeted with a loud and enthusiastic ovation by his supporters. Dr. Paul talked about his presidential campaign being based on freedom, prosperity, and peace. He spoke of his belief that, “live begins at conception,” and his legal obligation as an OB to protect life. He said, “That horrible ruling” Rowe v. Wade must be eliminated. He talked about his view that the Constitution was written to “protect liberties and restrain government.” Paul said that we are not handling terrorism very well, and suggested that 9/11 could have been prevented with more respect for the Second Amendment. He advocated allowing passengers to carry guns on planes.

He said the answers to our problems as a society can be found in a “return to law and a strict interpretation of the Constitution.” Paul also argued on behalf of the people who home school and private school their kids. He is an advocate of school choice. What makes Rep. Paul different from his fellow Republicans is that he would promote choice, yet would not give federal dollars for to support this philosophy. Paul said that America has become overtaxed and overrun by bureaucrats. Paul promised to, “rid the country of the IRS, and repeal the 16th Amendment.” He said the neoconservatives don’t respect national sovereignty and called for an end to US participation in free trade agreements, and international organizations.

Paul then talked about returning the U.S. back to the gold or silver standard. He described the currency policy in this country as overtaxing, over borrowing, then the government prints more money, which according to Paul, is ruining our financial system. He said that if America is spending beyond its means, then we should tell the government to only do what they are supposed to do. Paul said that America could save $1 trillion if they stopped being the policeman for the world. He made a great point about our bridges collapsing at home, while we are paying to build them in Iraq. Paul warned, “This country is returning to tyranny, with more government and more control.”

As an example of his view of the government’s return to tyranny, Paul mentioned his opposition to the proposed national ID card. Paul concluded by saying that as president he won’t run your life, your family, and your religious beliefs. He also doesn’t have an interest in running the economy or policing the world. This story comes from my own notes during Ron Paul’s talk. I think I hit the high points of his talk. If anybody was wondering what Ron Paul is really about, he did a great job of laying out his positions and beliefs today. He really is more of a Libertarian trapped in the Republican Party, which means that his campaign is out of step with the GOP mainstream. I still think he will struggle with GOP primary voters, but Dr. Paul is doing his best to drag his party back to their conservative roots.

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