A room full of students involved in the North Dakota DECA, a high school business club in Fargo, North Dakota spent their weekend playing twister in an attempt to set the world record for the largest Twister game board. The event involved 450 high school students playing Twister on 180 mats on Sunday night during a Distributive Education Clubs of America (DECA) conference held over the weekend. The students won’t know whether or not they’ve broken the record until officials at the Guineess World Records review of a video of the event.

The mats that were layed down created a board measuring 4,699 square feet. The current record was set in April 2005 in the Netherlands at 2,453 square feet. Kevin Reisenauer, adviser of DECA in the state of North Dakota, was confident that the record was broken Sunday night. This group attempts to improve education and career opportunities for students in areas such as management and entrepreneurship.The game Twister was released by Milton Bradley in 1966. The game was demonstrated on “The Tonight Show” and sold three million copies that year, despite controversy that the game put players in what was considered scandalous positions. The game was popular among both children and adults. The appeal to the game is the comical poses that players get themselves into as they play. A spinner determines which limb goes on certain colored spots of red, yellow, green, and blue on the mat. The game was inititally named “Pretzel” by inventor Reyn Guyer but was changed to Twister when the game was picked up by Milton Bradley. Since its introduction, it is estimated that 65 million have played the game, and this week’s possible world record is one more milestone in the game’s history.


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