Reuters are running what I consider to be the ‘Crime Of The Year’ story. Our good friend Johnny Cash only ‘walked the line’, these guys decided to ‘steal the line’. Yes, you heard that right, steal a railroad!

In what has to be the most daring and overt crime of the year, three German thieves literally lifted 2.5 miles of railway track. The scrap value for the steel from the rails is estimated at almost $250,000.

These daring bandits even went to the lengths of printing and distributing leaflet’s to the surrounding community explaining that there would be a good deal of noise while the rails were removed.

The railway track involved was a disused section belonging to Deutsche Bahn, the national railway in Germany.

The three suspects, all Germans born in the former Soviet Union, had removed 476 tons of steel track by the time they were caught when a local man contacted Deutsche Bahn to check their story. Two suspects confessed and received 18-month suspended sentences. The third was given 25 months in jail.

I just love a daring heist, and this is without doubt the most daring one I have seen in a while.

The Reuters article is a hoot.

Simon Barrett


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